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Prices and information for vocational training in Heidelberg

Multi-lingual careers

Training to become a foreign language correspondence clerk or a European secretary opens up a variety of interesting career opportunities with which you can be assured of a good future. Since learning a foreign language is linked with business training, you effectively achieve a double qualification, something much in demand in today's economy. You will simultaneously obtain a good grasp of secretarial administration, office communication and computer skills. The key qualifications of foreign language skills and business know-how will be in even greater demand by companies in the future. The European single market increased by 10 countries in 2004. More will follow. The Asian market, particularly that of China, will play an important role for Germany. The Latin American countries have not yet reached their full potential, but will certainly attain this in the future. Since we place great importance on the knowledge of foreign trade, you will be prepared in the best possible way for these developments and, as a result, extremely employable in a variety of situations: At home and abroad, in the foreign trade department of all business branches and industries, in exhibition and congress co-ordination or in the media. With a qualification a foreign language correspondent or multi-lingual secretary, it is possible to specialise further at our academy, for example as a translator or an interpreter. After a few years of work experience, it is possible to train towards the Chamber of Commerce and Industry (IHK) examinations in Business Administration. Multi-lingual secretaries have the additional opportunity to embark on a further programme of study at one of our partner universities in England and with this achieve a full university qualification. Whichever path you choose – we prepare you for the job market of the future. Information about:

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The advantages at a glance

The F+U language school has over a decade of experience and competence in business and language training. You will be trained by native speakers with perfect German skills and academic qualifications. All facilities at the school (library, internet cafe) are available at no extra charge. You have the opportunity to take the TOEFL Test, the LCCI exams, the European Language Certificate exams and Test of English for International Communication (TOEIC). We are a certified examination centre for the European Business Driving Licence and for the European Computer Driving Licence. We arrange value-for-money excursions abroad for our students to our subsidiary in Tenerife and to our partner schools in ten countries (in Europe and further afield). Naturally, you can also book preparation language courses. You define the duration and intensity. We can also arrange reasonably-priced accommodation in Heidelberg. We have long-standing contact with host families as well as our own accommodation options of various categories. We can advise you on all aspects of financial support (BAFÖG).

Vocational training



Single payment

6 month payment

Monthly payment

1 language


state approved
Foreign language correspondence clerk
or by CCI (IHK)


12 months


3.257 €


3.363 €
(2 instalments
à 1.681,50 €)

3.540 €
(12 instalments
à 295 €)

2 languages


state approved
Foreign language correspondence clerk
or by CCI (IHK)

English + French

18 months

5.134 €

5.301 €
(3 instalments à 1.767 €)

5.580 €
(18 instalments
à 310 €)

English + French or Spanish plus Chinese, Japanese, Russian

24 months

7.728 €

7.980 €
(4 instalments
à 1.995 €)

8.400 €
(24 instalments
à 350 €)

3 languages


state approved
European secretary
or by CCI (IHK)

state approved
Foreign language correspondence clerk
or by CCI (IHK)

English, French and Spanish

24 months

8.280 €

8.550 €
(4 instalments
à 2.137,50 €)

9.000 €
(24 instalments
à 375 €)

English + Arabic, Chinese, French, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish or Turkish

24 months

8.722 €

9.006 €
(4 instalments à 2.251,50 €)

9.480 €
(24 instalments
à 395 €)

4 languages


state approved
Multilingual Correspondence Clerk**
or by CCI (IHK)

English, French and Spanish plus Chinese, Italian, Japanese or Russian

24 months

9.936 €

10.260 €
(4 instalments
à 2.565 €)

10.800 €
(24 instalments
à 450 €)


(Each language 600 USTd., Duration ca. 6 months, Qualification: C1 niveau)

state approved Translator
or by CCI

English, French, Spanish

6 months

3.150 €
(for F+U alumnus: 2.500 €)


3.900 €
(20 instalments
à 195 €)

** State recognition pending.

  • Administration fee: € 100. Payable upon submission of the registration form. Non-refundable.
  • Course books are not included in the tuition fee. The course books are purchased from the school at the beginning of each semester.
  • The course material is not included. Costs per semester: one language € 50, two languages € 70, three languages € 100, four languages € 120.
  • Registration fee for the state examination: € 150 per language.
  • Administration fee for dropping a second, third or fourth language: € 90.
  • Teaching units (TU) per week: training in one language = 25 TU, training in two languages = 30 TU; training in three languages = 35 TU; training in four languages = 40 TU (translator training = ca. 33 TU)

Examination fees

IHK Karlsruhe exam: Foreign language correspodence clerk

€ 300

IHK Karlsruhe exam: Secretary exam

€ 300

IHK Karlsruhe exam: Foreign language secretary (up to 2 foreign languages)

€ 500

State-exam (each language)

€ 150


Foreign language correspondence clerk - European secretary - Multilingual correspondence clerk - Translator / Interpreter


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