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Well equipped for the global workplace A dream job with foreign languages: the alternative to studying

With the state-approved training course as a Foreign Language Correspondent, European Secretary or Multilingual Correspondence Clerk at the F+U Academy of Languages, you are perfectly equipped for the globalised workplace.In addition to sound language skills, comprehensive commercial knowledge and up-to-date IT applications, students are taught communication and office management skills such as how to write effective business correspondence and conduct telephone and face-to-face conversations in foreign languages. This modern, demanding and practice-oriented training to become a state-approved Foreign Language Correspondent, European Secretary or Multilingual Correspondence Clerk, is geared to the needs of the international economy and results in qualifications that act as an effective springboard into working life.

Good foreign language skills are indispensable in today's working world. In addition to English as the lingua franca - nowadays an absolute "must" in all fields of employment - mastery of other languages is a great advantage in the job market. Language skills have grown considerably in importance in recent years and as well as ˋclassicˋ languages such as French and Spanish, which are traditionally spoken around the world, the languages of economic giants such as China, Japan and Russia are becoming increasingly important.

It is well known that Asia is a popular investment location for German companies and as a result, the demand for highly qualified ˋAsia expertsˋ is growing rapidly. Employees who can communicate in these languages in addition to English and who are also familiar with the geography, the mentality and the cultural and business customs of these countries are in high demand worldwide.

The F +U Academy of Languages has embraced this development and, in addition to its various foreign language vocational training courses, has created a new job profile - Multilingual Correspondence Clerk. The state-recognised vocational training course as a European Secretary, which has been in place for many years, has now been expanded to include a fourth foreign language alongside English, French and Spanish, offering a choice of Chinese, Japanese or Russian.

Multilingual Correspondence Clerks carry out demanding office work, organise business trips, conferences and meetings and work in production, trade or service companies, as well as the tourism and hotel sectors. There are also opportunities in the press and publishing industry, not to mention government authorities and contacts abroad.

What is more, there is always potential for an executive secretary to rise to a managerial position, in fact the opportunities offered by training in an international, professional environment are manifold. Due to a broad knowledge of both corporate and cultural customs in the countries of their business partners, Multilingual Correspondence Clerks are highly sought-after employees in multi-national companies both at home and abroad.

Training courses start every year in September and are open to all those who have successfully completed secondary school and have a B1 level of English. Further information can be found at www.fuu-heidelberg-languages.com

Translated from RNZ – 25 January 2019


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