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Press release:

17 weeks in Tenerife – hotel internship on the sunshine island

EU-funded full scholarship for a 4-week intensive language course and 13-week internship – ideal preparation for entry into the international job market.

Who hasn’t dreamed of spending some time working where others spend their holiday? Nowadays, international experience is a prerequisite for several employers and often serves as a springboard for future working life. The acquired soft skills, the enhanced capacity for communication in a world language and the intercultural competence all combine to create a clear competitive advantage. The Job Bridge Europe VI Project is an opportunity to gain important selling points for your CV.
Participants in the Job Bridge programme receive a 4-week Spanish intensive course at the F+U International Academy Tenerife in Puerto de la Cruz, which provides targeted preparation for the subsequent internship. During the 13-week hotel internship, interns gain professional experience in one of the following operational areas: reception, marketing, guest services or administration. However, an administration internship requires a very good standard of Spanish. A total of 12 full scholarships are available to motivated and engaged college leavers who have completed commercial or language orientated courses, or to people working within these fields and seeking a career change. Over 50 people have participated in the project, now in its sixth year of EU funding, and report a high level of satisfaction.
Christine H. (Job Bridge II participant): “I’m thrilled with my stay abroad, as I have developed personally, linguistically AND professionally.”
Nancy G. (Job Bridge IV): “It was a really great time and I learnt a lot, made friends and got to know lots of nice people from all over the world.”
The EU Lifelong Learning Programme has set the objective of promoting Europe-wide workforce mobility and has prioritised the following core competences for optimising opportunities on the international employment market:

  • Acquisition of international professional experience and foreign language skills
  • Gaining experience of a foreign working and cultural environment
  • Gaining intercultural competence in an increasingly international employment market

Participants receive a comprehensive package that includes excellent preparatory and post-programme support! The longstanding cooperation and experience in language support and internship organisation are a compelling combination.

The scholarship comprises the following services:

  • Preparatory and selection seminar in Heidelberg
  • Free accommodation and board (board supplement of €100 / month)*
  • Free participation in the leisure programme
  • Additional travel costs up to € 250
  • Internship organisation and support
  • Insurance package (liability-, accident-, foreign health insurance)

*The selected participants pay a refundable contribution of € 400.

The scholarship is primarily intended for vocational college leavers and young employees, but also those changing career from language or commerce orientated professional fields. Basic skills in Spanish (level A2) are required. Naturally, a high degree of personal engagement and outstanding awareness of service also play a vital role. The scholarship requires monthly evidence of hours worked (40-hour week), learning journals and an extensive final report.
The language courses and internships begin on the following dates:

06th October 2013
02nd February 2014

Please forward your application with CV and certificates to the following address:

Academy of Languages Heidelberg
F+U Rhein-Main-Neckar gGmbH
Hauptstraße 1, D-69117 Heidelberg
Tel. 06221 9120-13, Fax 06221 23452
Email: wieland@fuu.de


Leonardo da Vinci program: sponsorship grant re-approved!

F+U Academy has received re-approval for a grant by the Leonardo da Vinci program! The program for "life-long learning" is funded by the European Union and supports organizations and projects which promote the competitive position of their participants on the international job market, for example through the acquisition of so-called "core capabilities" like language skills.
F+U's Job-Bridge-Europe program, which will receive Leonardo da Vinci funds, is just such a project. It offers the possibility of a 4-month stay on Tenerife which includes an intensive language course as well as an internship at a hotel. Job-Bridge-Europe is geared towards graduates and young people at the start of their careers from commercial and foreign language-related professions. More information on the program and the application procedure can be found here.



A Students' Choice Award for F+U Academy of Languages!

After quite a rusty start, spring seems to have finally arrived in Heidelberg, but for some days, other good tidings have been the source of even more excitement at F+U: Languagebookings.com has honored us with its Students' Choice Award!
Founded in 2010 in Dublin, languagebookings.com is an online booking agency for language courses and accommodation. In 2012, it was named Best New Agency by Study Travel Magazine. Since then, the company has been steadily growing, establishing itself as one of the top agencies in the field of language travel.
The site allows potential language students from all over the world to book their individual combination of language course and accommodation; reviews from former students help them decide on the best option.
In these reviews, various criteria are considered; for example, students can rate facilities and location of a school, the professionality of its staff and the quality of the education provided there. The school which is overall rated best receives the site's Students' Choice Award - this year, the honor is given to F+U Academy of Languages.
Why does this award mean so much to us? Because it proves the appreciation and satisfaction of our best and most important "critics": the students. Thousands of them left us positive reviews on languagebookings.com and thus allowed us to receive this award.

Thank you very much for that!


RNZ journal: Ranking success for Heidelberg University

An article published recently in the local newspaper Rhein-Neckar-Zeitung held good tidings for Heidelberg's Ruprecht-Karls-Universität: three of its subjects come in first of all German universities in a ranking conducted by the renowned British QS agency.
The ranking, which considers publications in a given subject as well as evaluations by scientists and employers, attests Heidelberg top quality in the subjects of Medicine, Political Science, and Geology. Seven fields of study are represented among the international top 50 - more reason, not that any was needed, for Heidelbergers to be proud of their university!


New article in SPIEGEL magazine: Rent rising fast in German cities

A short while ago, SPIEGEL magazine published an article lamenting the rapid rise of the rent prices in Germany's big cities. This concerns recent rental agreements in particular, as the Deutscher Mieterbund DMB ("German tenants' association") claims; in some cases, up to 40% more than usual for the location can be charged. Furthermore, there is a general lack of affordable housing in many cities.
This is nothing new for Heidelbergers and Heidelbergers-by-choice: sadly, the "pearl by the Neckar" is well-known not only for its historic Old Town and world-renowned university, but also for housing shortage and high rents. That is why hardly anyone should be surprised that, in a country-wide ranking of rent prices, Heidelberg comes in third of fifteen cities. The first place is, somewhat unexpectedly, occupied not by a "metropolis" like Munich or Hamburg, but by Constance, like Heidelberg a university town.
To combat this issue, the president of the DMB, Franz-Georg Rips demands that more affordable housing be built in the "trouble areas". This would certainly please not only the thousands of university students who move to Heidelberg every year. Meanwhile, our language students needn't worry: F+U still has a variety of affordable accommodation on offer!


Heidelberg: true romanticism exists

It's been almost exactly four years now since the magazine SPIEGEL published an article entitled "Heidelberg: true romanticism exists". The story angle: After Berlin and Munich, Heidelberg is said to be one of the most commericialized travel destination in Germany. On top of that, SPIEGEL presents the compatible photo gallery: "Heidelberg: overcrowded, misunderstood, beloved"". Romantic, but at the same time commercialized: shouldn't there be a conflict between those two? Maybe there is; and yet Heidelberg's unique flair is characterized these seeming opposites.
Granted, the article by Heidelberg author Kurt F. de Swaaf reads a little like a justification of something; his efforts to present Heidelberg from as many perspectives as possible speaks for itself: university town, tourist spot, party zone. In the end, there is the realization that it is all of these facets which compose the city's unique atmosphere. Heidelberg is the university square as a junction for its thousands of students from all over the world, just like it is the souvenir shop "Unicorn" which specializes on Japanese tourists, or the infamous nightlife district Untere Straße with its many bars.
This realization - that the old university town is, after all, more than a pretty backdrop to their learning endeavors - is just what our international language students experience year after year. They come to us as students of the German language - profiting, of course, exceedingly from the "aura academica" of the city, as Mr. von Swaaf fittingly describes Heidelberg's unique learning atmosphere. At the same time, however, they want to experience the city - and through it, Germany - as travelers. By offering them a wide range of leisure activities, we try to contribute to their Heidelberg experience. However, few would be surprised to see the odd student lounge about the Untere Straße on a Friday night, or even in the "Unicorn", if only for curiosity's sake.
We're looking forward to another great year of teaching and learning at F+U Academy of Languages in Heidelberg!



DTZ at F+U Academy of Languages

In the period from 10.06.-21.06.13, we will offer an orientation course with subsequent orientation test (DTZ: Deutsch Test für Zuwanderer). For more information, please contact languages@fuu.de


**Chinese movie night**

The first Chinese movie night at F+U Academy of Languages!

Movie: Beijing Circle, omU

When: 27.03.13 from 17.30 Uhr


Free entry!


We're looking forward to seeing you there!


Opening of the F+U China Center

On Friday, February 8th, the F+U Academy of Languages in Heidelberg celebrated the opening of its new China Center. Following the tremendous success of the F+U Japan Center, founded in August 2011, the China Center is also aiming to support the Academy’s mission to promote cultural exchange by hosting events to further interest in and understanding between different cultures.
Just in time for the Chinese New Year, which was celebrated on the same weekend, many China enthusiasts from near and far gathered at the F+U Academy to celebrate the special opening night together. In her introductory speech, Sinologist and F+U assistant director Eva Krumbiegel, pointed out the high value that F+U places on the cultural exchange between Germany and China.
Just last year, the department for vocational training in the field of languages at F+U received state approval for its training program for foreign language correspondence clerks for Chinese. At the same time, the number of Chinese students who come to F+U to learn German is steadily increasing every year. Both groups - German trainees as well as German language students from China - will profit from the China Center. It will provide a meeting place to discuss Chinese culture, economics, and general way of life - in German as well as in Chinese, since it will also make finding a tandem partner for these languages much easier.
Following the opening speech, the guests were able to participate in a diverse program. Almost as if being on a round trip through the country, the guests were introduced to some of the many facets that make up the richness of the Chinese culture. To this aim, various events offered a small peek into what the guests might expect, if they decided to 'prolong their trip' and to further immerse themselves into the culture with the help of our China Center.
To start with, the guests had the chance to attend a Chinese course for beginners, and were able to investigate first-hand whether the Chinese language is living up to its reputation of being notoriously hard to learn. Next, Dr. Martin Gieselmann, director of the Institute for South East Asian Studies in Heidelberg, explained the history and significance of the Chinese Spring Festival in an informative and interesting presentation. Later, there was a screening of the internationally acclaimed director Ang Lee’s movie "Eat Drink Man Woman". Finally, the night concluded with a "Chinese Evening" where the guests were invited to experience traditional music, games and foods.
We hope we were able to interest many guests for this fascinating country and the objectives the F+U Academy pursues with its China Center. The photographer Ralf Oldenburg’s exhibition on China which was widely admired by our opening guests will be open until March 29th.



***A Steinway piano for the F+U language school!***

Since early January, F+U Academy of Languages has been the proud owner of a piano. This may seem strange at first thought - after all, we teach languages, not music - but if you contemplate it further, it actually makes a lot of sense.

Although F+U is popular with students of all nationalities, there is an emphasis on cultural exchange with East Asian countries, as shown by our Japan Centre and newly-founded China Centre. Many language students from this region study music at universities or conservatories. How better to support them, therefore, then to provide them with another opportunity to practice their instrument?
As a matter of fact, the piano which we consequently procured is not just any. Rather, it is a real Steinway piano; the famous brand that is used in music schools and concert halls all over the world. After all, the quality of the piano should match the quality of the students who play it. So says Heinrich Werner-Schmitt, lecturer at the Mannheim Conservatory, who will soon be offering instruction at F+U as well.
Last summer, the school had already leased a piano for a limited time. The instrument was at once widely popular, for example with Japanese pianist Yuki Nishio, who at the time was taking German lessons at F+U. We hope that the success of this experiment will be repeated with the new instrument!



The next Japanseminar takes place on March 8th from 18 - 19.30 h!

Please find more information here.

Here you can see some impressions of the seminar from the 14th September
Topic: Onigri

And after: Japanese-german student gathering!

Find more information here


The next movie night takes place on March 20th!

Time: 18.30 Uhr
Where: Raum 41, F+U Academy of Languages

It's free!

(Japanese original version with German subtitles)


Japan centre: Events in January

January is, to put it mildly, not generally regarded as being one of the more popular months of the year. As the heart of the cold season, it is rather thought of as connected to darkness, chill, and, above all, listlessness. Not so at the F+U Japanzentrum! Once again, our staff assembled an exciting and diverse schedule of events around the subject of Japan. Thus, together with many enthusiastic participants, they ensured that Japanese culture was properly celebrated even in dull January.
On January 15th, a Japanese movie night - the third of its kind at F+U - marked the beginning of January's Japanese events. The movie shown this time was the first part of the Anime "Evangelion" from the year 2007, which is especially popular among teenagers. The movie provided incentives for movie buffs of all nationalities and Japanese-language learners alike, since it was shown in the original soundtrack with German subtitles. The impossible-to-top offer of zero euros entrance fee - green tea included - makes it easy to understand why participant numbers are steadily rising. Those who enjoyed the first part of "Evangelion" may look forward to February, when we will continue with the second part.
Next came the traditional F+U Japanseminar on January 18th. Once a month, it allows for a discussion of various aspects related to Japanese politics, history and (food) culture. This time, the range of topics included crowd pleasers like Sushi as well as highly controversial subjects like the death penalty. Another particularity of the Japanseminar: its emphasis on interactivity. Thus, participants could themselves try weighing advantages and disadvantages of the death penalty up against each other in a mock trial, while the sushi rolls that everyone finally enjoyed together were also self-made.
Following the Japanseminar, many participants continued directly on to the second Japan-related event of the evening: the monthly Japanese-German "Stammtisch" or get-together. The relaxed atmosphere of Café Rossi, where the Stammtisch takes pleace, has proven to be unbeatable in boosting intercultural communication and exchange between the two nations - in whichever language preferred.
Finally, January 25th saw the return of the calligraphy course. This time, the participants learned about Kakizome, the first calligraphy written in a new year. A goal or a wish for the new year is written down in a few signs on paper - similar to a New Year's resolution. After an introductory lecture, the participants practiced producing a Kakizome in order to take the end result home with them after the course.
If you can't wait to find out what the Japanzentrum has planned for the coming months, take a look at the section "Japan Centre" - "Entertainment's guide" on the website.
We hope to see many of you at the February events!



Opening of F+U China center!

When: Friday, 8th February
Where: F+U Academy of Languages, Hauptstr. 1, 69117 Heidelberg

Click here for the flyer.


Retrospective: Japanese Culture Week at F+U Academy

From November 23rd through 26th, F+U Academy's center for Japanese culture hosted the first-ever theme week on Japanese culture. For four days, the school offered various courses and seminars on the subject; an altogether 250 Japan-enthusiasts, as well as Japanese participants who wanted to get to know their own culture from a different perspective, took part.
Tuesday afternoon marked the beginning of the fun with a kimono course, where our participants learned about the history of the traditional Japanese garment and even got to try one on themselves. In the evening, one of the class rooms was converted into a movie theater for a while: Snacks and beverages were served as everyone gathered to celebrate Japanese movie culture. Three movies had been picked out in order to accommodate everyone's taste: the well-known anime "Spirited Away", the drama "Be With You", and the samurai action movie "Zatôichi".
The theme week continued on Wednesday with a course on Origami, the art of paper folding. Different levels of difficulty guaranteed fast success even for absolute beginners. The evening was dedicated to the traditional Japanese tea ceremony. Apart from enjoying their tea and sweets, the participants were also educated on the function and rules of the ritual.
Thursday was all about art: In the afternoon, a course on the history and techniques of Japanese calligraphy took place. This knowledge was promptly put to use as the participants drew their own names as a "final project". Later, sounds of Japanese music rang through the halls of F+U as everyone came together to listen to Japanese musicians and music students practicing their art.
Finally, Friday saw the return of an "old friend": the monthly Japanseminar. In this session, Germans and Japanese discussed the impressions they have of the others' country, and the differences between the mentalities of the two cultures. A Japanese cooking class marked the finale of the theme week: the participants first produced and then enjoyed an elaborate meal of Japanese dishes. In the previous days, the Japanese cuisine had already been honored in other ways: All week, a snack bar and a so-called "maid café", named for its waitresses in maids' uniforms, had been supplying our guests with Japanese delicacies.
The great demand as well as the enthusiastic responses prove: the Japanese culture week was a roaring success! In more than one way: Several of the "Japan-newbies" that attended the theme week have already been spotted at other Japan-related events at F+U. Keep it up!



Japanese Hospitality - The Traditional Japanese Tea Ceremony

Following on from the Kimono course held the previous evening, F+U’s Japan Centre held a traditional Japanese tea ceremony on Wednesday, 18th December, between 3 pm and 5 pm. Aika Matsuda, head of the Japan Centre, and Kyoko Neuß presented the ceremony for the trainee Foreign Language Correspondence Clerks and European Secretaries in groups 14 -17, giving students an insight into the characteristics of Japanese tea culture.
With the help of some volunteers, the event began with performing the sequence of the traditional tea ceremony. This follows precise rules, as the tea ceremony (‘otemae’) is regarded as a fully-fledged art form. Great importance is attached to the aesthetics of the ritual; at the same time, it is essential to convey hospitality and respect to the invited guest.
Students – in the role of the guest – were able to try out this etiquette for themselves. They were served traditional bitter green tea, known in Japan as ‘matcha’, prepared in powdered form, together with a sweet. The idea of the sweet is to protect the mouth before taking the bitter tea.
In modern Japan, traditional tea ceremonies – which often take up an entire day – have become something of a rarity. The day demands long-term preparation on the part of the hostess. Invitations are sent out as early as a month in advance, and the selection must be made for the tea and sweets to be served on the special day. The tea bowls and utensils for preparation are carefully chosen by the hostess in order to convey esteem and respect for the guest.
Astonishment was palpable among the students when Ms Neuß explained that the tea should be drunk loudly. Slurping enhances flavour and is customary in Japan.
This was a fascinating insight into the Japanese art of the tea ceremony, and certainly an enriching experience for the language students.


Fascinated with Beauty and Elegance - An Introduction to the Japanese Art of Kimono Wrapping

On Monday 17th December 2012, a traditional Japanese kimono course was held after regular lessons for the trainee Foreign Language Correspondence Clerks and European Secretaries in groups 14 - 17. Aika Matsuda (head of F+U’s Japan Centre), Kyoko

Neuß and Sami Alizadeh gave a one-hour introduction to the Japanese art of kimono wrapping. Laid out ready were kimonos, obis (sashes), ribbons and the traditional Japanese wooden sandals (‘geta’). Each student had the opportunity to put on a kimono in the traditional manner, which created a very animated atmosphere and led to a flurry of photographs.

Even today, the kimono remains a popular traditional garment in Japan, the land of the cherry blossom. Kimonos are worn at traditional festivals and are styled according to the occasion. For example, in Japan, black is the colour of mourning at a funeral, while kimonos are traditionally worn to celebrate the 3rd, 5th and 7th birthdays, as well as the 20th birthday, which marks the coming of age.
A less expensive and usually simpler variant of the kimono is the yukata, literally translated as ‘bathing clothes’.
A currently popular trend in Japan is short-legged kimonos, explained Ms Neuß. The contemporary style of kimono is increasingly popular in Japan and also integrates harmoniously into the European world.



Successful Career Entry - Recruitment Day at F+U Heidelberg with Secretary Plus Management Support GmbH

On 29.11.2012 the personnel company Secretary Plus held a dedicated recruitment day for trainee Foreign Language Correspondence Clerks and European Secretaries due to qualify in 2013. The objective of the day was to provide students with valuable tips for successful career entry, and to add the profiles of the most promising students to the Secretary Plus applicant pool.

Secretary Plus specialises in the placement and recruitment of employees with all types of secretarial and management support qualifications. Since 2011, in addition to its locations in Berlin, Hamburg and Munich, the company also has a regional office in Mannheim. Ms Spiess, an experienced recruitment consultant from Secretary Plus in Mannheim, led the recruitment day, offering useful tips on applications and interviews. Ms Spiess began the session with a short company presentation, highlighting the distinction between the company’s two areas of activity – the placement of temporary workers and staff recruitment. Next, the session focused in depth on ‘applying – the right way’, emphasising the importance of an attractive written application. Here, Ms Spiess made particular reference to the specific competitive situation facing our students. Unlike other applicants in the open job market, the majority of students are unable to distinguish themselves through long-term relevant employment experience since, for most of them, this is their initial training. With this situation in mind, students gained a range of tips on how to optimise their chances of being invited for interview, and enthusiastically made the most of the opportunity to ask related questions.

After lunch and the chance to reflect on the knowledge gained from the morning session, the recruitment day was rounded off with individual interviews. Each participant had already submitted an application to Ms Spiess ahead of the event. The most promising applicants scheduled to complete their qualification in February 2013 were then given the opportunity to take part in an interview in the afternoon, with the option of being added to the Secretary Plus personnel pool. Moreover, Ms Spiess offered to meet additional students for an interview in January 2013 – some of our trainee Foreign Language Correspondence Clerks and European Secretaries clearly succeeded in making a good impression with their profile.

All in all, it was not only the inexperienced participants for whom the Secretary Plus recruitment day offered an important insight into the professional expectations of a future secretary or assistant. Furthermore, on the basis of the day’s success, F+U Heidelberg and Secretary Plus plan to hold an additional recruitment day in summer 2013.

Below we present some participant feedback, based on the reports of two trainee European Secretaries:

One participant was particularly pleased to learn that Secretary Plus recruits for employment not only in Germany, but also in several other countries, giving her the chance to develop her career abroad. Also helpful for this participant was the information concerning the significance of professional application photographs and the required application documents, as well as the great importance attached to an attractive application and a clearly structured CV. Ms Spiess also urged students to pay attention to individuality and completeness in order to enhance their chances of being invited for interview. (Female trainee European Secretary, expected to qualify in July 2013.)

Another participant found the advice on writing applications and CVs especially interesting. Particularly helpful were the model covering letters and CVs handed out by Ms Spiess. Also very well received was the insight into the profession and the diverse areas of activity for European Secretaries and Foreign Language Correspondence Clerk. The student found the event extremely informative, in particular for people with little or no professional experience, and for those about to enter professional life. Participants gained perspectives on their future occupational field and benefitted from the valuable tips and advice from an experienced recruitment consultant in light of the demands and challenges of today’s employment market. (Female trainee European Secretary, expected to complete qualification in February 2013.)



New Year Party at F+U Academy of Languages

The Japanseminar is organising a New Year Party on Friday, 11th January!

Klick here for the flyer


Trip to the Nuremberg Christmas market

At the moment, German city centers are remarkable for being similarly packed with tourists as during the summer. The reason: It's Christmastime! The image of a traditional German Christmas with snow-covered old towns and festive music ringing through the streets attracts countless international visitors every year.
This ideal is embodied by the quintessential German tradition of the "Weihnachtsmarkt", the Christmas market. One of the most well-known and beautiful markets takes place in the Bavarian town of Nuremberg. With an annual two million visitors, the so-called "Christkindlesmarkt" is one of the largest in Germany; at the same time, it is one of the oldest established Christmas markets and has been famous far beyond the German borders for many years.
For 40 F+U language students, the opportunity to witness this "magical" atmosphere on location presented itself on December 1st. As to their countries of origin, this special occasion notably attracted not only students from the "usual suspects" Japan and Germany, but also from China, Canada, and Tunisia, among others. In small groups, they strolled through the aisles of sales stalls offering such culinary Christmas classics as "Bratwurst" (fried sausage) and "Lebkuchen" (gingerbread), the obligatory "Glühwein" (hot spiced wine) and crafts from all over Germany. Nuremberg's international partner cities were represented as well, offering their regional specialties. Especially impressive were also the historic carrousels that had been set up for the visiting children, as well as the festively decorated artisans' yard. Christmastime in Germany - not an experience our students will soon forget!



Knowledge and indulgence at the Japanseminar

On November 23rd, the latest session of our monthly Japanseminar took place. As always, there were presentations and lively discussions on various aspects of Japanese culture. Among other things, the seminar touched on different topics concerning history and politics, not to forget the seemingly inexhaustible, but always popular subject of Japanese food. The seminar participants were introduced to "Chimmi", Japanese snacks which are often served with Sake and are characterized, as the meaning of the word suggests, by their extraordinarily good taste. During the interactive part of the evening, the participants were taught how to make Wasabi, spicy (but tasty) Japanese horseradish paste. To allow their taste buds some respite, sweet rice balls and green tea were also served. Thank you for participating!
The next Japanseminar takes place on December 14. We hope to see lots of you there!



Japanese movie night: Love and Honor (2006)

Lately, a thriving new tradition seems to be establishing itself at the F+U Academy’s Japanzentrum: following the successes of the Japan seminar and Japanese-German Stammtisch, an incredible 31 people attended the very

first Japanese movie night in

October, a screening of the anime classic Princess Mononoke.
Naturally, the success of this “first episode” called for a prompt sequel. November 21st was the date; the chosen movie was Love and Honor (original title: Bushi no ichibun), set in the Edo period (early 17th – mid-19th century) and the final film in director Yoji Yamada’s Samurai Trilogy. Snacks were provided in the form of dango, tasty Japanese rice balls that many still remembered fondly from the Japanese theme week.
The evening held still further appeal for students of the Japanese language: as with the previous screening, the movie was shown in the original soundtrack with German subtitles. Which just goes to show that Japanese movie nights at F+U are not only fun, but also educational!



F+U Japanzentrum: Bundesliga Tour!

Our tireless staff members at the Japanzentrum never fail to conjure up new ways to convey the intricacies of German culture to our Japanese language students. The latest result of this creativity focused on the German national sport – soccer – and took in a visit to the Hoffenheim vs Wolfsburg match at the Rhein-Neckar-Arena in Sinsheim.
17 language students – a surprising 15 of them female – made the trip on November 18th in order to get to investigate the famed German passion for soccer. Having witnessed German soccer fans in action, the students should be left in no doubt - as everyone knows, the stadium atmosphere at a match is at least as important for an authentic Bundesliga experience as the events on the field. What is more, as if in honor of our students, the first goal of the day for the eventual winner Wolfsburg was scored by the Japanese player Makoto Hasebe.



Japanese-German get-together

Since its first gathering in June of this year, F+U Academy’s Japanese-German get-together (Stammtisch) has established itself as a veritable institution: for the most recent meeting on November 15th, 18 Japanese and Germans came together at Café Rossi, the group’s regular “local”, to discuss their own and each others’ culture, and maybe even try out their foreign language skills on some willing test objects.
It was especially gratifying to see some new faces join the group. Some of them had acquired the taste for the Stammtisch as recently as late October, when F+U hosted a Japanese theme week - clearly with great success!
The next get together will take place on Thursday, December 13th at 6 p.m. in Café Rossi. We’re looking forward to seeing you there!
For more information please see the homepage or contact Ms. Naomi Tobisawa at japanzentrum@fuu.de.



Heidelberg Christmas market – one of the coziest markets in Germany!

Heidelberg Christmas market has officially been named one of the coziest markets in Germany. This insight is, of course, nothing new either to Heidelberg citizens or to Heidelberg insiders, but it has now been proven in a study of 13,000 respondents, carried out by the Fachhochschule Südwestfalen (University of Applied Sciences of South Westphalia). Nearby Karlsruhe is also represented in the top group; furthermore, the study honors the markets in Wiesbaden and Mainz.
Study leader Gunther Bamler discusses the results in the magazine “Spiegel”, explaining that while Christmas markets in big cities like Munich, Stuttgart or Berlin are among the most well-known in the country, they are not especially cozy or “Christmassy”. To guarantee the holiday spirit, the aisles between the rows of stalls should be as narrow as possible without compromising visitor safety. This is undoubtedly the case in Heidelberg, as best exemplified on a Friday or Saturday evening.
Moreover, markets held on plazas or squares that are enclosed by buildings seem cozier than those held in open spaces. Heidelberg clearly fits the bill here, too: the Christmas market is set out on six different squares throughout the historic Old Town. Each part has its own individual attractions; for example, Kornmarkt is especially popular with children for its nativity scene with live animals, while ice-skaters enjoy the skating rink on Karlsplatz. Finally, the festively lit Hauptstrasse leads every visitor to Universitätsplatz, the impressive backdrop to the biggest and most spectacular part of the Christmas market.
“A sea of holiday lights transforms even the grayest city into a Christmas wonderland,” comments the online portal “gofeminin” in an article on the study. Naturally, Heidelberg has no need for such cosmetic measures, for as the study attests: Christmas doesn’t enhance Heidelberg – Heidelberg enhances Christmas!



St. Nicholas at F+U!

Yesterday we had a surprising visit at F+U! He had a big belly, a long beard and grey hair… Yeah, you know what I’m talking about: it was St. Nicholas!

With his helper he visited all of our 40 German and English classes and made the surprised students a small present. All our hardworking teachers even got a big chocolate Santa!


Christmas Music Night

When: 07.12.12
Doors open: 18 Uhr
Begin: 18.30 Uhr
Where: Room 40 at F+U Academy of Languages


Visit to the Oktoberfest in Stuttgart!

For F+U Academy’s Japanese „community“, early October once again marked the time for an exercise in Japanese-German cultural exchange. Where better to get to know German culture than at one of the largest beer festivals worldwide – the Oktoberfest in Stuttgart? On October 6th, 31 Japanese and German Volksfest enthusiastics made the journey to Baden-Württemberg’s capital.
Once they had arrived, there were countless different stalls and attractions to explore and marvel at; between so many images and impressions, many hardly noticed time passing. Naturally, one cannot leave a Volksfest without sampling the delights of the famous German cuisine, and art of brewing. Particularly interesting to our Japanese participants were also the local “Trachten”, the traditional costumes which some visitors wore for the occasion. German festival culture at its best – always a memorable experience!




Trip to Nuremberg Christmas market(Christkindlesmarkt)

When: 1. December
Meeting point: 8.35 h at the Main Station Heidelberg (in front of McDonalds)
Cost: 25 € inklusive transport cost

Please register until Friday, 23.11. latest!


Secretary Plus holds a recruitment day at F+U!

News for all students in our vocational training programs: on 29 November 2012, some representatives of the well-known recruiting agency for secretaries and assistants, Secretary Plus, will visit us. Our trainees can look forward to valuable advice on all things related to the application process and job interviews. Furthermore, they will learn many interesting things about the company and the careers it offers.
Naturally, we have something exciting planned for the afternoon as well: in simulated job interviews, the trainees will receive individual feedback on how to best present themselves. At the end of such an informative day, everyone should be all set to plunge into the working world!


Japanese Culture Week at F+U

From October 23th through 26th, it’s all Japan all the time at F+U: the school’s own Center for Japanese culture hosts the first-ever Japanese Culture Week. For a small fee of 10€ (5€ for F+U students; children and teenagers under 16 years are free), the participants are offered a broad range of seminars and events in order to get to know Japanese culture from as many perspectives as possible. Between the kimono course and the Japanese music night, everyone should be able to find their favorite!
All the courses and events offered can be viewed on the F+U website. For more information, please ask Ms. Aika Matsuda at a.matsuda@fuu.de.
F+U Academy of Languages and its Center for Japanese Culture are looking forward to your visit!


Visit to the art exhibition „Kirschblütenträume”

Between November 5 and 7, there is a teacher conference of the vocational training department of F+U Academy. However, at F+U, education doesn’t stop at the entrance door: Our trainees will get the chance to visit the new exhibition “Kirschblütenträume” (“cherry blossom dreams”) of the Kurpfälzisches Museum in Heidelberg. There, Japan’s far-reaching cultural influence can be explored as highlights of Japanese art are exhibited next to works by well-known European artists. Not only our trainees in the program “foreign language correspondent clerk for Japanese” should find this interesting!



Japanese movie night at F+U

On September 19. the Japanzentrum offered 31 movie buffs a chance to experience a highlight of Japanese film-making: the well-known anime (Japanese animated movie) Princess Mononoke, which deals with the relation between nature and mankind. Additionally, German participants with some knowledge of Japanese were able to test out their language skills, as the movie was shown in the original soundtrack with German subtitles.



Visit to the Wurstmarkt in Bad Dürkheim

Summer has moved on, but thankfully, the new season offers plenty of attractions as well. For example: in our region, autumn is the time of wine festivals. This fact hasn’t escaped the notice of our Japanzentrum, either: a chance to experience German folk festival culture? 39 Japanese and also German Volksfest enthusiasts didn’t need to be told twice and on 17 September, took a trip to the Wurstmarkt (literally: sausage market) in Bad Dürkheim. Behind the misleading name is, in fact, the world’s biggest wine festival. For once, it was German tradition that could be experienced up close!
We hope everyone had fun!



Japanseminar on 14 September 2012

On 14 September, it was once again time for the Japanseminar at F+U. On these monthly theme nights, those interested in Japan, whether German or Japanese, have the opportunity to expand their knowledge on and discuss selected topics of Japanese history and culture.
This time, participants received an overview of Japanese geography, and were introduced to a specialty of the Japanese cuisine: Onigiri (rice balls).
Thank you for participating!



Deutschtest für Zuwanderer at the F+U Academy of Languages

The closest possible date is Saturday, the 15. December 2012.


The next Japanseminar takes place on October 19th from 18 - 19.30 h!

Please find more information here.

Here you can see some impressions of the seminar from the 14th September
Topic: Onigri



Japanese-German dinner at F+U

The evening of August 30th was once again all about promoting Japanese-German relations and mutual understanding as 29 gourmets got together to prepare and, subsequently, feast on various foods typical for Germany and Japan. Naturally, the food was the star of the evening, but there was also many an interesting conversation to be had about the differences and similarities between the cuisines and dining cultures of the two countries. Our participants finally departed not only with full stomachs, but also with some interesting new insights – an all-around success!
Thank you to everyone for coming; we hope you enjoyed it!



Trip to Bad Dürkheim Wurstmarkt

It's one of the largest, most traditional and entertaining public festivals in Germany


Japanese movie night: Princess Mononoke

Start: 6.30 h
Place: Room 29 at F+U Academy of Languages

Japanese original language with German subtitles.


F+U shines in new splendor!

In a triweekly action of crafting and glueing, the hardworking helpers of the Japan center have smarten the school up with different handcrafts and pictures.

Have a look at the pictures:



The next Japanseminar takes place on September 14th from 18 - 20 h!

Please find more information here.

Here you can see some impressions of the seminar from the 17th February.
Topic: traditional japanese tee ceremony


Japanese tea ceremony at F+U

The evening of August 8th was once again dedicated to Japanese culture at F+U as Ms. Kyoko Neuß and her assistants Ms. Ikeda and Ms. Hayashi introduced the participants to the Japanese tradition of the tea ceremony.
Their goal was to refute the widespread prejudice that the tea ceremony is something particularly difficult and solemn. It is rather a ritual of hospitality, and of being grateful to your host.
The participants were first exposed to this principle of Japanese thinking when their hosts explained to them the history and meaning of the tea ceremony. Afterwards, they were able to take part in a real Japanese tea ceremony themselves; drinking their tea the traditional Japanese way and eating some Japanese candy.
We hope that all our participants enjoyed this special experience!



State approval for our vocational training program „foreign language correspondence clerk” in Chinese!

Big news at F+U Academy of Languages today: As of August 5, 2012, our vocational training program “foreign language correspondence clerk” in Chinese has been state-approved!

Trainees can choose between a bilingual path combining English with Chinese, and a trilingual path combining English, Chinese, and French or Spanish.



Trip to Strasbourg with F+U!

Those of our students who are fond of traveling are in for a treat: for Saturday, July 21st, F+U Academy of Languages has planned a trip to Strasbourg. The beautiful city on the franco-german border is one of those places you just have to see. Among other things, we want to visit the famous cathedral , maybe grab something to eat, and simply ramble through the streets of the downtown area for a while – all this for only 26€!
Up to 30 interested students can sign up for the trip personally at the school. When you do, please bring the 26€ with you right away!



Winners of the F+U betting game for the European Football Championship 2012

As the European Football Championship 2012 in Poland and Ukraine comes to a close, our F+U betting game has also reached an end. All goals have been shot, all games played – and once again, there could only be one champion. These days, grumblings and joyful exclamations of “I knew it!” can be heard at every corner – depending on whether the speaker is a fan of the Spanish national team…But who of the participants of our betting game has placed the best bet?
These are the winners:
1st prize – Javier – 2 weeks German intensive course 30 plus accommodation cat. II
2nd prize – Beatrice – 1 week German intensive course 30 plus accommodation cat. II
3rd prize – Kasia – 1 week German intensive course 30
4th prize – Elinor – 1 week German intensive course 20
5th prize – Federico – 1 month evening course 24
We’d like to thank all participants and hope than everyone had lots of fun!



Successful DSH Examination at F+U!

On Saturday, 16th June 2012, the F+U Academy of Languages once again held the German language examination for higher education admission (Deutsche Sprachprüfung für den Hochschulzugang – DSH), on behalf of the Mittweida University of Applied Sciences.
Nearly 500 candidates sat the examination – a record-breaking number for F+U! Ten rooms in the F+U Gymnasium (high school), just a two-minute walk from the Academy of Languages, were hired specially for the occasion, with a total of 25 teachers and 15 members of school administrative staff also in action. Despite the rush, everything ran smoothly – candidates and teachers all mastered the examination with confidence.



Ruperto Carola retains Elite-University status!

A particularly pleasing piece of news reached University Rector Bernhard Eitel last Friday. On 15th June, after a long and tense wait, the Federal and Regional State Governmental Excellence Initiative revealed the results of the programme’s funding competition. The University of Heidelberg now has every reason to celebrate – it remains one of the eleven elite universities in Germany. All six of the university’s proposals were successfully adopted.
The decision impacts far more than the international reputation of the university. The initiative will secure not only over a thousand jobs, from PhD students through to professors, but also a seven-figure sum in funding for the coming years. “In terms of national comparison, the outstanding thing is that Heidelberg competed as a university with a comprehensive range of disciplines, and did not emphasise any single discipline in particular. The funding should now flow into the interdisciplinary dialogue.”
In this second round of the Initiative there were also some less successful participants. In addition to the University of Karlsruhe, Freiburg and Göttingen also lost their elite status.
(Source: http://www.rnz.de//AufmacherStart_Heidelberg/00_20120616070146_102280340_Die_Ruperto_Carola_bleibt_Elite_Uni.php)
The Excellence Initiative of the Federal and State Governments for the promotion of science and research at German universities is a funding programme in Germany, with the first round of funding awarded in 2005/6.
The Initiative is divided into three funding lines: “Institutional Strategies” (development of the university as a whole), “Clusters of Excellence” (funding for research into specific areas) and “Graduate Schools” (funding for PhD research students across a wide range of scientific fields).

Eliteruniversitäten 2012



Play with us!

This year the F+U is playing a football betting game during the European Championship - with great prizes to be won!

Bet on different games of the EM and collect points - Those with the most points at the end of the championship win the prizes!

Register here: www.tippkick.de/academy-of-languages

Find more information here.


A Bright New Makeover for the F+U Academy of Languages!

Since January the renovation work at the Academy of Languages has been in full swing, in readiness for the school to shine in time for the start of the summer courses.
In addition to new flooring, ceilings and WCs, the classrooms will also enjoy a complete refit. The hub of the school, the student administration office, has been newly equipped with its own customised office furniture – increasing the capacity to six working stations reflects the growing student numbers, and means we can offer the best support to all customers.
We look forward to a successful summer with a new look and many students!



F+U quoted in Study Travel Magazine!

The March 2012 issue of the British Study Travel Magazine, published by Hothouse Media Group and one of the most influential and popular language magazines, analyses how the recent economic crisis impacted on the German language market in 2011.
A total of ten different language schools across the whole of Germany took part in the survey, among them the F+U Academy of Languages.
The findings were surprising. For young people from all over the world, Germany’s stable economic situation has made the country an attractive place in which to live and work and, as a result, the language market in Germany is enjoying a real boom.
The Academy of Languages also participated in the interviews, reporting that “all in all (…), student numbers had grown by 40 per cent” in 2011 (A. Fields).



Heidelberg castle: Germany’s most popular destination!

“Heidelberg castle is Germany’s most popular destination among international tourists. This was the finding of an online poll of about 5,500 international respondents carried out by the Deutsche Zentrale für Tourismus (DZT). Other popular destinations are Neuschwanstein castle, Cologne cathedral and the Brandenburg Gate. In our own region, Schwetzingen Palace appeared in 9th position and Speyer cathedral 24th, while Mannheim Water Tower was ranked a more modest 74th (out of 100). According to the DZT data, the top ten destinations accounted for a clear majority of the overall votes.” (German language source: Rhein-Neckar-Zeitung, 21st/22nd April, vol. 68, no. 93) 25.04.12



Petra Glaser, German teacher at F+U Heidelberg, in the latest issue of “Deutsch Perfekt”

The language magazine Deutsch Perfekt is published by the Georg von Holzbrinck Verlag, Europe’s most successful publishing house specialising in language magazines, and the recipient of several international accolades. All over Europe, people buy the magazine to help improve their language skills through private study. Here at the F+U Academy of Languages, we are extremely pleased that our long-standing colleague Petra Glaser was selected as an interview partner for Deutsch Perfekt. Cornelia Lohs, a well-known journalist, has set out Ms Glaser’s tips and ideas in the immensely interesting article, “Keine Angst vor Präsentationen“ (“Presenting without Fear”). You can find the article in the current issue, 4/12 April, pages 46-48. Have fun reading and learning!


Heidelberg on the Front Cover of Spiegel No. 15

That Heidelberg graces the front cover of Spiegel is nothing short of an honour – a compliment in which Heidelberg is described as one of the most beautiful cities in Germany.
Anyone with Heidelberg in their mind’s eye will first and foremost think of a dreamy, romantic city with narrow alleyways, magnificent fraternity houses, the Philosophers’ Walk and, of course, the city’s two famous landmarks, the castle and Old Bridge. Traversed by the Neckar and surrounded by wooded hills, Heidelberg has drawn people from all over the world ever since the 19th century.
In fact, when it comes to culture and education, the city with Germany’s oldest university has plenty to offer:
The F+U Academy of Languages provides an important foundation for the interaction with people, as well as in terms of language skills and orientation. Precisely these three aspects play an essential role when it comes to taking full advantage of and benefitting from the cultural opportunities offered by Heidelberg and its history.


Page Personnel at F+U

On 27th March 2012, the Page Personnel company held a recruitment day at the F+U Academy.
For us, this of course presented the ideal opportunity – just before our graduation – to make important contacts and, with the help of the Page Personnel consultants, to fully prepare for the upcoming job interviews.
A PowerPoint presentation gave us a comprehensive explanation of Page Personnel’s specialist areas, including the recruitment of qualified, skilled employees and young professionals, both on a permanent and temporary basis. Especially helpful was the advice on “the right job application”, including points to bear in mind for the curriculum vitae and how to formulate an appropriate letter of application.
After the presentation, each participant took part in an individual interview, which was then followed by feedback and suggested areas of improvement for the future. All in all, we were very pleased to have taken part in the recruitment day, as we were able to take away several useful ideas that will most certainly be of help to us in our future applications and interviews.

FSK 13


Study Preparation Made Easy!

Today our school began its very first specialist preparatory courses. These courses introduce students to the specialist language of the respective subject through the use of original texts and practical language exercises.
The objective of the specialist preparatory courses is to equip our students with the language competence required for an easier transition into higher education
The course lasts five weeks and consists of a total of 80 teaching hours which focus on various specialist areas. On Mondays, students can select from Technology/Mechanics, Biology or Business Studies/Economics/Marketing, while all students participate in sessions on Information Technology, Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry. The preparatory course is delivered by experienced teachers.
There are currently 18 participants registered for the course.
If the course is a success, we plan to offer it several times a year.



Recruitment Day in the Professional Foreign Languages Department at F+U Academy of Languages

Last Tuesday, 27th March 2012, the first recruitment day was held with Page Personnel. Page Personnel specialises in the placement of qualified employees and young professionals, both on a temporary and permanent basis, and already has past experience in successfully recruiting of some of our language school graduates.
Students due to complete their European Secretary and Foreign Language Correspondence Clerk training courses in July 2012 were invited to the event, along with graduates from the previous semester; and so a small group of five participants met with the two Page Personnel consultants from Frankfurt. After a short company presentation on target groups and recruitment work, a round of even smaller sessions took place, in which participants were able to try their hand at “real life” interviews – in English – and of course gain some valuable first hand advice from the personnel recruiters.
Page Personnel specialises not only in the direct recruitment of qualified employees, but also in the transfer of temporary employees – the field of “Secretarial and Office Support” was of particular interest to us – and has its own trainee academy for the development of consultants from within its own ranks.
During the course of the recruitment day, the consultants offered valuable advice on job hunting, a comprehensive insight into the complete recruitment process at Page Personnel, tips on writing an attractive application and appropriate conduct in interviews, as well as effective and interactive interview training.
Following this first and exceptionally interesting and interactive recruitment day with Page Personnel, F+U plans to hold further recruitment days every six months.
29.03.2012, F+U School Administration


5th March 2012 saw the beginning of a new year of studies for trainee Foreign Language Correspondence Clerks and European Secretaries, and, for the first time, state recognised Translators (English).

On Monday, 5th March 2012, 27 trainee Foreign Language Correspondence Clerks and European Secretaries, together with six trainee Translators of English began their studies in the Professional Languages department at F+U Rhein-Main-Neckar gGmbH. On Monday, students received the customary welcome by the School Director and Academy Director, and on Tuesday commenced their curriculum subjects, including English, French, Spanish, Business, commercial correspondence, IT, writing techniques, office organisation, Japanese and Russian.
The particularly high demand for places this March illustrates these programmes’ popularity and the career prospects they offer. The March intake is usually smaller compared with September’s, but this year several prospective students have had to remain on the waiting list, and will begin their studies in September. We therefore recommend early registration for the training programme.
Once again, the choice of languages clearly favours the traditional European Secretary combination of English, Spanish and French, with well over half the students opting for this combination. However, the combinations of English and Spanish, as well as English and French also remain popular, closely followed by Japanese. Moreover, F+U is the only educational institution in Germany to offer the state recognised Foreign Language Correspondence Clerk programme in Japanese.
This year, for the first time since gaining state recognised status, the Translator (English) programme welcomes six motivated and highly qualified students. During the six-month programme, students consolidate their existing substantial foreign language skills, learn the techniques and methods of professional translation, and deepen their knowledge of regional and commercial topics, such as business administration, economics, politics, society and culture of the country in which the respective language is spoken.
At the end of this semester, the first state examinations will be held for Japanese. Following the award of state recognition of the programme in 2010, the first Foreign Language Correspondence Clerk (Japanese) students will be able to graduate with a state recognised qualification.


Calling all Au-Pairs!

From the 1st March you have the opportunity to take part in our language courses at extremely reasonable rates. You will receive 5% discount on our language tours and even 10% for our German and English group courses!


Mexican Students at F+U Academy of Languages

This year, once again, we are very pleased to welcome a group of pupils from the Tecnológico de Monterrey. The 39 pupils, 17 and 18 years old, arrived in Heidelberg on 30th January and will stay with us until 27th May. Alongside their intensive German language course, the group are taught their regular school subjects – for this purpose, three Mexican teachers are accompanying their pupils.

The Mexican group are staying with host families close to the school, so that they can enjoy a harmonious family life, even far away from home. German cuisine appears to be something of a hit among the Mexican pupils, who have all talked about it enthusiastically – and of course taking meals together is a great opportunity to practise German in a relaxed atmosphere.
We have arranged several weekend excursions for the group, including to Strasbourg, Luxembourg and Zurich. But our guests will get to see plenty of Germany too, for example on trips to Frankfurt, Munich and Cologne.


Excursion to the European Parliament in Strasbourg

Ever since its founding in 1952, the European Parliament has acquired greater competences in EU legislation. Since 1997, EU citizens have voted for the Parliament every five years in direct, free and secret elections. Initially, the Parliament was made up of 736 members (MEPs), before its expansion to include a further 18 members through the Lisbon Treaty. The next European elections will be held in 2014, after which the parliament will comprise 750 regular MEPs, plus the non-voting President. Jerzy Buzek was President of the European Parliament for the first half of the legislative period 2009-2014, and on 17th January 2012 Martin Schultz was elected President for the second half.
On 9th January 2012, the 15th Foreign Language Correspondent Clerk course visited the European Parliament, where we had the opportunity to find out information about the translation and interpreting profession, as well as more about the Parliament itself. We arrived in Strasbourg at around midday, and were very warmly welcomed by the Parliamentary staff. Sadly, most MEPs were away preparing for the following week and, in particular, for the election for the President of the European Parliament on 17th January. We toured the chambers and watched a film in a variety of languages about the Parliament. For security reasons, it was not possible to visit the translators’ booths – even the windows were obscured. Nonetheless, it was extremely interesting to see for ourselves the scope of the building, including the huge debating chamber.

Alena Ott, FSK 15


Heidelberg is the warmest city in Germany!

In the year 2011, Heidelberg once again headed the list of the warmest cities in Germany. With an annual average temperature of 12.2 °C, Heidelberg managed to top Cologne and Stuttgart, where average temperatures were 12.1 °C and 12.0 °C respectively. Moreover, the lower Neckar region enjoyed the most hours of sunshine. In 2011, the sun shone on Heidelberg for 1,879 hours – 328 hours longer than the annual average. With this record, Heidelberg ranked among Germany’s warmest cities for the seventh time since 2004, and recorded the highest average temperature on four occasions during the same period.


Orientation course
In the orientation course – the second component of the integration course – the focus turns to the culture, legal system and values of the German state. The course culminates in the orientation test.
The F+U Academy of Languages in Heidelberg is not only a recognised provider of the integration course, but also licensed to conduct the orientation test.
The test can be taken on the following dates:
Test schedule 2012: 13.01.2012, 06.03.2012, 28.04.2012, 20.06.2012,12.08.2012, 04.10.2012, 14.12.2012
Examination fee for participants without Certification of Eligibility: € 60 for individuals, € 20 for groups of 10 or more participants.
Registration: 30 working days before the test date.
We will be pleased to assist you should you require further information, either by telephone or by email: 06221 90 21 32 / wagner@fuu.de.


Heidelberg offers the best learning environment for schools
A study has demonstrated that Heidelberg offers the best environment in southern Germany for school learning. Despite the economic situation, the city of Heidelberg has emerged as the “hidden champion” of the survey, thanks to the city’s differentiated educational provision. The Rhine-Neckar region also performed well, ranking 37th out of a total of 144 districts.
The study forms part of the Gütersloh-based Bertelsmann Foundation “learning atlas”, which again demonstrates a clear north-south divide in the education system of the Federal Republic.

Urban district small and middle large cities
1. Heidelberg
2. Erlangen
3. Karlsruhe
4. Mannheim
5. Augsburg
6. Heilbronn
7. Jena
8. Regensburg
9. Ulm
10. Ingolstadt

Resounding Success in Japan
Our coordinator for eastern Asia has visited Osaka, Tokyo, Nagoya, Fukuoka and Kumamoto as part of this year’s workshops for large and medium sized agencies.
The first run of bookings that have already arrived from Japan demonstrate the great achievements of Ms Matsuda.


Just one day’s study at F+U can tell you more than 1000 words in a glossy brochure

The open day at F+U gives you an in-depth and more accurate insight into your future training to become a state recognised Foreign Language Correspondence Clerk / European Secretary or Translator.
By talking with fellow students and the teaching staff you can find the answers to any outstanding questions you may have. For example: How will my career benefit from F+U’s state recognised qualifications as opposed to those offered by the Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK)? How many hours of self-guided study do I need to allow for Russian, Chinese or Japanese? Which foreign languages are most in demand from industry, banking and international organisations? These are all questions and answers that will help you to make the right career choices.
To make an appointment, please contact Mr Karl-Heinz Rippel at rippel@fuu.de or sprachen@fuu.de.
Let us know your availability and which languages are of interest to you – we’ll then promptly send you your personal timetable.
We look forward to welcoming you to F+U!

The ‘Cannstatter Wasen’ – an unforgettable experience!
And we were there! Bad Cannstatt is one of the most attractive districts of the state capital, Stuttgart. For 166 years, it has been home to the annual famous Canstatter Volksfest. All kinds of attractions and fun are offered to young and old alike, and there is truly something for everyone – from the Ferris wheels and ghost trains through to carousels, not forgetting the several beer tents. Needless to say, we were also able to sample the traditional Stuttgart beer and enjoy delicious roasted almonds.
The Cannstatter Wasen – the mini Oktoberfest!

15 per cent discount on 100 per cent future opportunities
15 per cent discount on a new career level
Advanced training as state recognised Translator: 15% discount
Without a high level of English language competency it’s impossible to understand today’s world!
The English language is the most important language for commerce, industry, technology and banking.
Good or advanced English language skills are often the minimum requirement for a high-level position, or for climbing the next rung of the career ladder.
F+U is offering 15 per cent discount on every enrolment for the state recognised Translator of English training course. This offer ends on 31st December 2011.

F+U test centre offers the TestAS exams!
TestAS stands for Test for Academic Studies* and is a supplementary qualification alongside the DSH and TestDaF. It was developed by the TestDaF Institute and is sponsored by the German Federal Ministry for Education and Research. Unlike DSH and TestDaF examinations, which test written and spoken German language competency, TestAS can be taken in either English or German.
This scholastic aptitude test for German universities and universities of applied sciences consists of two parts: first, an online language test (onScreen) and what is known as a core test, which must be completed by all candidates. The core test is then followed by testing in the various subject-specific modules, such as Economics, Engineering, Humanities, Mathematics and Natural Sciences.
• The test helps international students assess whether their intellectual abilities are sufficient for successful completion of the target course of studies.
• It supports universities and universities of applied sciences by simplifying the comparison of prospective students’ qualifications.
• It enhances the chances of success for international applicants through a qualitative comparison.
• It enables completion of the selection and decision procedure whilst still in the home country.
F+U is offering the TestAS examinations on 12th November 2011.
Participation in the test is free of charge!
* Also known in German as Test für Ausländische Studierende (Test for International Students).
The new academic year for future Foreign Language Correspondence Clerks and European Secretaries at F+U began on 12th September 2011.
The popularity and potential of these professional training courses is evidenced by the steep rise in student numbers: within one year, the new intake has grown from 25 at the beginning of the summer semester to 68 at the start of the current winter semester – almost a threefold increase.
To optimise their chances of success in the employment market, most students select English plus an additional two foreign languages, with Spanish and French proving the most popular. With the ‘English-French-Spanish’ language combination the entire globe is transformed into a potential place of work. It is both forward-looking and encouraging that the number of students choosing the UN-languages Russian, Chinese and Arabic has doubled. Of all non-European languages, Japanese remains the most popular, with 16 course participants. F+U is the only educational institute in Germany to enjoy state recognition of its ‘Foreign Language Correspondence Clerk – Japanese’ course. In addition to their study of foreign languages, the trainee European Secretaries and Foreign Language Correspondence Clerks must also take courses in IT, Business and Law, in order to demonstrate a comprehensive spectrum of skills. The international study atmosphere that characterises F+U helps students to build ‘language tandems’, thus enabling an even faster and deeper immersion into the language and culture. F+U’s success is attributable to a number of factors: the students who embrace the opportunity of a good quality and demanding education, the experienced team of teachers, the individual support of students and a curriculum which quickly responds to the demands of business, as well as the strong reputation of the institution amongst all leading national and international enterprises and EU organisations. In addition, F+U is a test centre for internationally recognised language certificates, such as TestDaF, DSH, TOEFL, TELC, LCCI, TestAS, TOEIC and FaDaF.
Final report: “LEONARDO DA VINCI Mobility”
In 2011 the F+U Academy of Languages has once again successfully participated in the LEONARDO DA VINCI mobility programme. Furthermore, project implementation with the Federal Institute for Vocational Education and Training (BIBB) has also been rated as ‘good’ overall. The F+U Academy of Languages has offered this vocational further training programme since 2004, and already taken on 100 interns.
LEONARDO DA VINCI is the European Union programme for vocational training and further education. It supports transnational cooperation between actors in this sector by financing periods abroad for the purpose of vocational learning, and by developing innovative teaching and learning materials, as well as additional qualifications, within European partnerships. In Germany just under 12,000 interns, qualified employees or trainers per year receive funding so that they can complete part of their training or continuing education abroad.
The F+U Academy of Languages has expanded!
We have grown! From the beginning of September, due to the steadily increasing number of students, our language school has leased new premises in the Deutsche Bank building. With eight rooms on Adenauerplatz we now have room for over 100 additional students. The building is less than a five-minute walk from Hauptstraße 1 (Darmstädter-Hof-Centrum).
Attention all foreign language professionals and interested applicants: education vouchers are still valid!
The professional foreign language courses at our institute are still eligible for funding! Financial support from the Federal Employment Agency is available specifically for the Foreign Language Correspondence Clerk course specialising in English as well as English with Spanish or French, and also for the European Secretary course.


State-approval for the foreign language correspondence clerk in Russian achieved!

You can start your training at F+U Academy of Languages to become a state-approved foreign language correspondence clerk in Russian on 12 September 2011. The training is possible with the language bilingual combination English and Russian or the trilingual combination English, Russian and French or Spanish.
We only have a very limited amount of places left!


Heidelberg’s Mensa warms the hearts of students

For the second year in a row, the Zeughaus dining hall (Mensa) has been voted “Mensa of the year” by Heidelberg students. On Wednesday, following its tenth poll of students on the range and taste of their Mensa food, the campus magazine “Unicum”, presented the coveted “Golden Tray” to the Managing Director of Student Services, Ulrike Leiblein.
The quality and variety of food at the Zeughaus met with particular approval. Every day, students can choose between fresh salads, vegetables and a range of meat dishes. The vast majority of students declared themselves highly satisfied with the campus cuisine, rating it either ‘good’ or ‘very good’.
F+U students can also use their student ID in the award-winning dining hall and enjoy reasonably priced and, above all, healthy food. The Zeughaus is just a 10-minute walk from the Academy of Languages.


Open Day at the F+U Academy of Languages

On Saturday 28th May 2011 it was time again for the F+U Academy of Languages to open its doors to people of all ages interested in learning languages. Visitors had the opportunity to come and listen to the joint presentation by the Academy Director and the Principal of the state-recognised Vocational College for Foreign Language Professions, find out about the wide range of courses offered by our language school, and seek one-to-one advice.
Several visitors used the occasion to gain an insight into the various further education opportunities and our Foreign Language Professions training. Moreover, the excellent weather smiled on our visitors, so that they were also able to round off the day by exploring sunny Heidelberg.
Prospective students, often accompanied by family or friends, received advice about our Foreign Language Professions training, as well as about our language courses and language tours. Visitors’ questions were answered in an open, general Q&A session, which followed on from the Academy Director’s talk; in addition, a number of helpful staff were on hand to give individual advice. Furthermore, guests were able to take a tour of the school and view the various classrooms.
Visitors were interested primarily in the courses available at our state-recognised Vocational College for Foreign Language Professions, which is housed directly in the F+U Academy of Languages. The Vocational College provides the opportunity to study towards qualification as a state-recognised Foreign Language Correspondence Clerk, European Secretary or Translator.
The F+U Academy of Languages is also one of the leading providers of language courses. The year-round courses come in every shape and size, with the ongoing group lessons, which can be joined at almost any time, taking place in intensive courses or in the evenings. Furthermore, closed groups or individuals can book courses with the schedule and content tailored to reflect their specific needs. To complement these courses, the school also offers language tours in several countries, where course participants learn the language where it is spoken and can therefore directly apply their skills outside the classroom.
As a recognised test centre for TELC, TestDaF, onDaF, TOEFL and LCCI, we regularly hold examinations leading to several language certificates that serve as internationally recognised evidence of skills in the respective language.
Because we not only have many international course participants learning German with us, but also a large number of German participants learning foreign languages, we have extended our regular range of courses to include a tandem programme. In a language tandem, two people, each with a different native language, get together and meet at regular intervals, in order to help each other learn their target language. This opportunity, which is free of charge, is popular among all participants from the language school as well as from the Vocational College for Foreign Language Professions, and has proven very successful.
Do you want to find out more? Then why not come along and see our language school for yourself!
Our next Open Day is Saturday 16th July 2011, from 11.30-15.00 at our F+U Academy of Languages in the Darmstädter Hof Zentrum, directly on Bismarckplatz.
We can of course also advise you during our regular opening hours:
Monday - Friday from 07:30 to 20:00, and Saturday from 10:00 to 16:00.





Taster day: first-hand experience of professional languages training

During the week before Easter, several prospective students made the most of their school holiday to take part in a taster day organised by F+U’s state-recognised college of professional languages. The event provided an opportunity to gain first-hand experience of what it is like to train as a Foreign Language Correspondence Clerk and European Secretary.
Taster day participants were able to observe lessons in their selected languages, and to speak with students as well as with teachers. This allowed the participants to form an accurate impression of the course processes and content. Guests found the contact with current students particularly helpful.
Foreign Language Correspondence Clerks and European Secretaries work primarily in industry, trade and the service sector, and specialise in conducting correspondence in foreign languages, as well as planning, implementation and controlling in operational international trade. They may also concentrate on a role within finance and accounting. Appropriate to the training, the main area of competence lies in foreign languages, proficiency in which is increasingly important in the globalised economy.
On 12.09.2011 the next course begins at the F+U Academy of Languages. If you are interested in training towards becoming a Foreign Language Correspondence Clerk or European Secretary in English, French, Spanish, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Turkish, Arabic, Japanese, Chinese or Russian, and would like to find out more, you are welcome to come along to our next Open Day. This will take place on 28th May 2011 from 11:30 at Hauptstraße 1 in Heidelberg.
We are of course happy to advise you during our usual opening times:
Monday - Friday from 07:30 to 20:00, and Saturday from 10:00 to 16:00.
We look forward to meeting you!



State examinations under way for prospective Foreign Language Correspondence Clerks and European Secretaries

This week, the state examinations are under way at the F+U School of Professional Languages. The prospective Foreign Language Correspondence Clerks and European Secretaries must demonstrate that, having completed their 12 to 24-month training, they are qualified and competent to enter their profession. Candidates are examined in their chosen languages, as well as in business and marketing, IT, writing skills, commercial correspondence and office organisation. Upon successful completion of the written and oral examinations, our graduates are entitled to describe themselves as a “state-recognised Foreign Language Correspondence Clerk” or “state-recognised European Secretary”. They also have the opportunity to be additionally examined by the Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK) and thus, through their vocational training, gain two prestigious qualifications.
Foreign Language Correspondence Clerks and European Secretaries are employed primarily in industry, trade and service companies. In particular, they specialise in foreign language correspondence and the planning, implementation and control of operational import and export trade. They might also concentrate on working within finance and accounting. Reflecting their training, the graduates’ key competence is foreign languages - increasingly essential in the globalised economy.
On the 7th March 2011 the next course commences at the F+U Academy of Languages. If you are interested in training to become a Foreign Language Correspondence Clerk or European Secretary in the languages English, French, Spanish, Japanese or Russian and would like some further information, you are very welcome to come along to our next open day on 12th February from 11am at Hauptstraße 1 in Heidelberg.
We look forward to seeing you!

28th January 2011


Mexican students at F+U Academy of Languages

From January 30th a group of 47 students and two teachers from Mexico will attend German classes at the Academy of Languages. The group, which is staying until the end of May with German host families, has been referred by ITESM (Instituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey). The students, aged 16 to 17, come from various Mexican cities like Monterrey, Mexiko City, San Luis Potosi and Chihuahua. They attend German classes in the morning, from 9:00 to 12:15, and after lunch are taught regular classes such as mathematics and Spanish literature by their Mexican teachers.
The Academy of Languages has conducted this international programme in cooperation with the ITESM annually since 2007.
IWithin the extra-curricular programme, a number of trips have been organised for the Mexican students, such as to Munich, Dachau, Neuschwanstein, Zurich, Weimar, Strasbourg, Cologne, Frankfurt, Stuttgart, and to the Europa Park.

January 24th 2011



Japan Workshop November 2010

F+U Academy of Languages participated this year for the 5th time at the Japan-Workshop, which took place on November 3rd in Nagoya, on November 6th in Osaka and on November 7th 2010 in Tokyo. Besides F+U - the sole German participant - there were language schools from the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, France and South Korea.
These workshops are designed for Japanese people planning to spend some time abroad. Around 1000 visitors attended the workshop.
Germany is popular in Japan, especially because of its classical music, the sport, the pastry shops and floristry.The F+U Academy of Languages is popular in Japan primarily because of the extraordinary range of courses, its flexibility and value for money.

November 25th 2010


„Open day“ for vocational training courses at F+U Academy of Languages.

On Friday December 10th from 15:30 h and on Saturday December 11th from 11:00 h an Open day about vocational training course will take place at the language school F+U. Interested people can get information about the state-recognised courses "Foreign language correspondent" with one, two or three languages, European secretary and translator. The courses start in March and September. They suit the needs of those who want to get job chances in a variegated professional environment and prove every day their language, commercial and IT-skills.
If we have aroused your attention and you would like to ask questions about the courses or simply have a look at the classrooms, feel free to join us at the Open Day. You will find us on the 3rd floor of the shopping mall "Darmstädter Hof Centrum in Heidelberg's main street, Hauptstraße 1.

November 22nd 2010


Present and Future – Projects by Students of German

In connection with the book sections on “Consumption” and “Future”, Thomas Hübner, a teacher of German, and his level B2 class developed the two projects “Poverty in my Home Country” and “Future”.
Thomas Hübner, who teaches German in one of the computer rooms of the F+U, decided that one should incorporate the medium of the internet into teaching. Therefore he suggested projects which fit into the two chapters of the book, and which make the students use not only their own ideas and personal experiences, but also the results of their internet research.
Within the project “Poverty in my Home Country”, the students dealt with the situations in Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Russia, Singapore, Turkey, and Uganda. In addition to their texts, the course members also used pictures to express the poverty in their own countries.
I saw pictures of people wearing gauze bandages or plastic bottles on their feet because they cannot afford shoes. It was especially shocking to see that little children have to work to be able to survive somehow. It is inconceivable that the number of children living on the streets is 15,000 in the city of St. Petersburg alone.
Apart from these sad realities, the students also engaged in the topic of our future. In groups of two or three, they developed stories on the basis of a few words given by their text book – these were for instance “contaminated”, “protective suit”, “famine”, “discovery”, “to save”, and “fish”. Some stories tell how human beings destroy nature and much life on earth, but there are also scenarios in which the opposite happens. Thus, there is also a tale in which scientists build a special air dome which makes it possible for fish to survive after water became scarce.
It was very interesting for me to see how these students of German used their own ideas and experience to create such expressive collages.
If you’d like to take a look at their work, you are welcome to do so in room 32 of the F+U Academy of Languages.

Sarah Ernst, September 1st 2010


German Universities are the World's Second Best, Heidelberg is at the German Top
According to a recently published ranking by the Jiaotong University of Shanghai, German universities, only beaten by the American ones, are second best in the world. Germany reached this success by having 39 universities to enter the Top 500.
In the individual evaluation, ranks 1 to 3 were awarded to the American universities Harvard (Massachusetts), Berkeley and Stanford (both California).
Among the Top 100 world-wide, there are also five German universities. The LMU and TU Munich in Germany’s first and second place, as well as the Ruprecht Karls University Heidelberg as third German university. Further universities in the Top 100 are Bonn and Göttingen.
The Ruprecht Karls University Heidelberg, which was founded as early as 1386, belongs to the oldest universities in the whole world. Its slogan “From tradition into future” does not only illustrate its historical impact, but also its goal to progress for future. In the context of the excellence initiative, the University of Heidelberg was appointed one of Germany's few elite universities, which receive funds for the fostering of research and young academics. This pioneer position was also acknowledged by the makers of the Shanghai ranking, who referred to research as an indicator to develop their ranking – therefore they especially dealt with the number of Noble Prize winners and publications in scientific magazines.

18th August 2010


Heidelberg and its poets

On Wednesday, August 4th 2010, language teacher Thomas Hübner gave a talk about Heidelberg’s Romanticism at the F+U Academy of Languages. Among the literary-interested audience, there were university students from the Czech Republic, Russia, and China. They all came to the talk to learn more about the literary background of the city, in which they are currently taking a language class.

Firstly, Thomas Hübner gave our international guests some background knowledge of European history, and then he talked about the era of Romanticism, using poems and paintings to illustrate his points. He especially dealt with poets who lived and worked in Heidelberg, as for instance Clemens von Brentano, and Bettina and Achim von Arnim.
In the end, the audience thanked their speaker for having been offered the opportunity to also learn something about literature at a language school. However, Thomas Hübner received the most recognition by a Chinese student of German, who said: “I have listened to a similar lecture at my university in China. Now I’m able to understand it better.” Considering such a success, this talk will definitively not be the last literary event at the F+U Academy of Languages.

8th August 2010


„Give me an F! Give me a U! Languages are cool!“
As announced earlier, Heidelberg's 5th Dragon Boat Cup took place on Saturday, July 24th. The F+U team “Languages Make Waves” was one of the 52 competing groups.
As early as 8 am, the first drivers arrived at the Theodor-Heuss bridge. Then team briefings took place, and at 10:30 am our squad started its first race against three other boats. Two more runs followed, with the last one starting at 3pm. Despite great support and cheering slogans like “Give me an F! Give me a U! Languages are cool!”, our team had to settle with rank 4 in each of the runs.
Not only on the race track, but also next to it, people had a lot of fun. For instance, the F+U employees and students played ping-pong, or even rode a mechanic rodeo bull. Also plenty of visitors didn't want to miss out on this spectacle, and enjoyed a great day at the Neckar.

July 29th 2010


“Languages Make Waves“– Also on the Neckar
On Saturday, July 24, 2010 the water sports club Heidelberg-Neuenheim e.V. will host Heidelberg’s 5th dragon boat cup. The starting line-up also includes the team “Languages Make Waves“, which consists of 18 employees and students of the F+U Academy of Languages. If you want to see how they perform throughout several runs on the 300 m long race track, you are invited to watch the spectacle near the Theodor-Heuss bridge. Besides the fun of the race, there will also be food and drinks, as well as a following dragon party for the teams and the audience. Good luck and success to our team, and a lot of fun to everybody!

July 23rd 2010

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