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Read our updates on the activities of the China Centre!


July, 2017

Visiting from Beijing: Presentations and Cultural Activities for Chinese Students

From July 9 to July 17, F+U Academy of Languages welcomed 29 students of Beijing Haidian Foreign Language ShiYan School who came to Heidelberg to improve their language skills and get to know the German culture. Read more >>>


July, 2017

Chinese Students Visit Heidelberg

In Germany for the first time: 25 children from the Haimen Experimental Primary School, province of Jiangsu, visited F+U Academy of Languages. Their goal: getting to know Germany’s culture and language. Read the report here >>>


May, 2017

F+U Academy of Languages in Xiamen und Jieyang

In the second week of the trip to China, F+U Academy of Languages visited the Sino-German Metal Eco City in Jieyang and the University of Xiamen. Read more >>>


May, 2017

F+U Academy of Languages on the Road in the Middle Kingdom

From May 15 until May 25, Karl-Heinz Rippel, director of the F+U Academy of Languages, is on a visit to North and South China in order to strengthen partnerships, make new contacts and introduce the educational programmes of the F+U group of companies. Learn more >>>


May, 2017

Delegation from China Visits Heidelberg

On May 9 and 10, we welcomed a delegation from Sanshui Foreign Languages School (BFSU) in Southern China, headed by Mr Zhiming Liang, in Heidelberg. Read our report >>>


August, 2016

A Varied Programme for Beijing Students

13 students of mechanical and electrical engineering of Beijing Information Science and Technology University attended a German course at F+U Academy of Languages Heidelberg from July 24 to August 6, 2016. Learn more >>>


August, 2016

Visitors from Two Chinese Universities

On Monday, August 18th, we were pleased to welcome a delegation from the two Chinese universities Guangdong Industry Technical College and Jiangxi Science and Technology Normal University. Read more >>>


August, 2014

Visitors from China

From 7th to 19th July, we were happy to host a group of students from Beijing University of Information Science and Technology. As majors in Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, the students naturally found much to like in our area, which boasts a rich and varied technical history. Read our story >>>


February, 2013

Impressions of the China Centre

China - to us an unfamiliar, yet fascinating country. This is why it’s even more exciting that we now have a China Centre at the F+U Academy of Languages! The opening celebration on 8th February, 2013, offered a lively and colourful programme. Here is our report (in German) >>>


February, 2013

Inauguration of the China Centre

On Friday, February 8th, F+U Academy of Languages Heidelberg celebrated the inauguration of the China Centre. The China Center aims to support F+U Academy of Languages’s mission to promote cultural exchange by hosting events to further interest in and understanding between different cultures. Read more (in German) >>>






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