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Test your language level!

The test is without obligation and evaluated free of charge!

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Einstufungstest Deutsch (online)

English level test (online)
Business English level test (online)

Test de nivel español (online)

Test d’ingresso italiano (online)

Test de niveau français (online)


Course levels

CEF: Common European Framework for Languages

F+U levels

CEF levels

Language certificates (selection)


Elementary I


Start (English, German, Spanish, Italian,
French DELF A1), LCCI-Preliminary 1


Elementary II


English Elementary, KET (Cambridge), Start Deutsch 2,
Español Nivel Elemental, LCCI-Preliminary 2, DELF A2


Elementary III
Intermediate I


Certificate in English, Zertifikat Deutsch,
Certificado de Español, Certificat de Français, Certificato d’Italiano,
LCCI-1, PET (Cambridge), TOEIC® 479-619, TOEFL® 57-86,
Entry level for FSK and EuropasekretärIn (English)


Intermediate II
Intermediate III


Certificate in English for Business Purposes,
Zertifikat Deutsch für den Beruf, Certificat Supérieur de Français,
Certificato Superiore d’Italiano
LCCI-2, FCE (Cambridge), TOEIC® 619-803, TOEFL® 87-109


Advanced I
Advanced II


Completion Fremdsprachenkorrespondent and Europasekretär,
CAE (Cambridge), TOEIC® ab 803, TOEFL® 110-120, LCCI-3,
Zentrale Mittelstufenprüfung, TestDaF, DSH, telc Deutsch C1,
telc English C1, DALF 1




Translator, Zentrale Oberstufenprüfung,
LCCI-4, CPE (Cambridge), DALF 2


¹The listed number of teaching hours (at 45 minutes) refers to group courses. For individual lessons the number of lessons required can be reduced by approximately 50%.
Short description of the levels
A 1:
Speaking: Can express simple phrases and sentences relating to familiar topics.
Writing: Can write a short, simple postcard and complete forms with personal details.
A 2:
Speaking: Can use a number of phrases and sentences for a simple description of e.g. family, other people and living situation, and can manage very short, simple everyday communication.
Writing: Can write short, simple letters as well as produce messages and notes when necessary.
B 1:
Speaking: Can successfully communicate with others about everyday topics, using grammatical structures and a sufficient but limited range of vocabulary.
Writing: Can produce general interest text using the most important grammatical structures and basic vocabulary.
B 2:
Speaking: Can give structured, detailed descriptions concerning a variety of topics of personal interest, and give a differentiated defence of a point of view.
Writing: Can write about one’s own area of study and, to a degree, use complex sentence structures and specialist vocabulary.
C 1:
Speaking: Can speak fluently, present topics relating to the area of study and express an opinion, using complex grammatical structures and a broad range of general and specialist vocabulary.
Writing: Can express general or specialist themes in a clear, correct and well-structured way, and defend an opinion in a confident, personal and targeted manner.
C 2:
Speaking: Can effortlessly follow and actively participate in any conversation or discussion with native and non-native speakers. Can also rephrase an utterance, to assist comprehension when necessary.
Writing: Can produce detailed, coherent and specialist texts, using a broad, differentiated and specialist range of vocabulary.




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