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Exam preparation courses for TOEFL, TOEIC, TELC, IELTS

English Exams - Preparation Courses


Preparation for this English exams:

  • TOEFL® (Test of English as a Foreign Language)
  • TOEIC® (Test of English for International Communication)
  • telc (The European Language Certificates)
  • IELTS (International English Language Testing System)



Live language courses - worldwide, any time

In our online training for groups and individual learners we use state-of-the-art technology to bring you German, English and Spanish courses around the world (other languages on request). In the virtual classroom our teachers support you in live, interactive lessons.
You can arrange to start the course at any time, and we offer flexible course times to suit your needs. To participate in the lesson, you require a stable broadband Internet connection and a computer, laptop or tablet with camera and headset.

Closed groups and individual training

  • Registration fee (for first course): €10.
  • Course material: €40 - €60 (eBook or print version) per level.

20% supplement for other languages: French, Chinese, Russian, Italian, Portuguese, Japanese, etc.

Recommended course duration:

The time required to complete a particular level (A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 and C2) depends on the number of course participants, the number of teaching hours per week and the level of contact with German outside the lesson. The following descriptions are based on learners accustomed to studying:

Open groups

  • Includes: Course materials, registration fee.
  • Teaching methods: Our language teachers support you with interactive lessons in the virtual classroom.
  • Guaranteed course provision: The courses are held regardless of the number of learners.
  • Public holidays (no lessons): 10.04, 13.04, 01.05, 21.05, 01.06, 11.06.
  • School holiday: 21.12 2020- 01.01 2021.
  • The course duration has been extended to take into account public holidays.

1) Other levels on request; see our programme for closed groups and individual training, also on this page.
2) Mid-course entry is possible every Monday; the course fee is calculated pro rata.


English Intensive Courses

  • Registration fee (for the first course only): €40 (for 2 people: €25 / person; for 3 people: €20 / person; for 4 or more people: €15 / person)
  • Family discount (minimum one parent and one child): 10% off the course fees
  • For additional information and regulations, please see our General Information.


Course start:
No. 11, 12, 31-39: year round, every Monday.
Start for complete beginners: 13.01, 03.02, 02.03, 06.04, 04.05, 08.06, 06.07, 03.08, 07.09, 05.10, 02.11, 07.12
No. 41: 03.08 and 10.08; complete beginners: 03.08; programme ends 14.08.

German as a Foreign Language plus English

Course start:
No. 28-30: all year, every Monday.
Start for complete beginners: 13.01, 03.02, 02.03, 06.04, 04.05, 08.06, 06.07, 03.08, 07.09, 05.10, 02.11, 07.12

1) This course is ideal for students who wish to learn English but require a German intensive course for their visa. All our English teachers are qualified, trained native speakers with many years’ experience. Learn English in the international city of Heidelberg! In 2018 learners from 35 countries participated in our English courses.

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