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Accommodation in Heidelberg: Halls of residence, host families, apartments, hotel - All prices

Prices and conditions 2018 - F+U Accommodation in Heidelberg

Halls of Residence

  • Administration fee: €80; Deposit: €150
  • Double room bookings are only available for learners arriving together. Discount for groups of 10 people or more: 5% off listed price.
  • 24-7 telephone service
  • Booking a residence category: First, please book your preferred residence category only. Approximately two weeks before your arrival - at the latest by Monday before your arrival - we will inform you of the name of your hall of residence.
  • Postponed arrival: If your arrival is postponed, e.g. due to delay in issuing a visa, we cannot guarantee accommodation in the booked room category. An exception can be made if the customer is prepared to pay for the room in the booked category, from the original, planned arrival date through to that of the actual, postponed arrival. Postponement of the course is not affected by this rule.
  • Guaranteeing a specific hall of residence: For a one-off supplement of € 200 we guarantee - subject to room availability at the time of booking - allocation of your preferred hall of residence. If the start of your course is postponed, e.g. due to a delay in issuing a visa, we reserve the right to allocate a room in a hall of residence in the same category, in which case the guarantee supplement of € 200 will be fully refunded.
  • All halls of residence have a kitchen; Cat. VI rooms have a en suite kitchen.
  • Please note: The halls of residence are available to our learners all year round. However, due to the high demand, we recommend booking accommodation at least four weeks in advance. During the summer, if accommodation in one category is fully booked, we reserve the right to allocate a
    room in another residence of the same standard. All our halls of residence offer free Wi-Fi and washing machines.

General information about board, key handover, check-in and -out times and more see end of page. Transfer to and from accommodation see here.

¹The respective discount applies only for advance payment of at least 5 weeks.
²The rental contracts can be terminated with a notice period of four weeks (see detailed information at the end of page).
³Extra days are invoiced for arrival on Saturday or a departure on Sunday (all extra days must be confirmed by F+U).
4 The F+U Campus residence is a new building; as of April 2016, 150 apartments are available to our learners.
5 The two-room apartments can accommodate up to four people. Supplement for a third and fourth person: €75 per person, per week.

Categories and Locations (Halls of Residence)

¹Steinhof residence: From Monday to Saturday: 100 m to the nearest bus stop; Sunday: 1 km to the nearest stop

Abbreviations: APO = Apothekergasse; Cat. = category; Serial No. = serial number

Please note: The halls of residence are available to our learners all year round. However, due to the exceptionally high demand, we recommend booking accommodation at least four weeks in advance. During the summer, if accommodation in one category is fully booked, we reserve the right to allocatea room of the same standard in external halls of residence.


All our dormitories have free internet access. Please note that we assume no liability for technical faults, errors or failures.
Washing machines and dryers are available in our dormitories. We assume no liability for the use of the machines.

Guest Houses, Holiday Homes, Hotels, Youth Hostel

  • Administration fee: € 150.
  • Guest houses, holiday homes: Prices on request; weekly rent depends on size, location in the city, furnishings and season. Rates from € 300 to € 1500.
  • The F+U Bayrischer Hof Hotel***: The Bayrischer Hof, one of the most tradition-steeped hotels in the city, is located on Bismarckplatz, just 150m from the school and the Old Town (single rooms from €90 per night; double rooms from €120 per night). Rohrbacher Straße 2 - 69117 Heidelberg. (Tel: +496221/872880, http://www.bayrischer-hof-heidelberg.com)
  • Hotels in all price categories are located close to the school. We can also book rooms in Heidelberg’s attractively situated youth hostel.

Host Family Accommodation

  • Administration fee: €80
  • Deposit: €150 (for deposit refunds please contact us no later by Wednesday, 16.00)
  • Wi-Fi guarantee; English-speaking host family; full board (breakfast and evening meal with the family, packed lunch): On requestm each with a supplement of 35%
  • Use of kitchen for room only bookings: 20% supplement.
  • You will be advised of the name and address of the host family one week before moving in, and when payment has been successfully processed.

¹Journey time to school (by public transport): The distance to the bus/tram stop is not included; this is usually just a 5-10-minute walk from the
accommodation. Further details are available on request.
² Extra day: Early arrivalbetween 15.00 and 20.00 on Saturday at the host family accommodation or a late departure on Sunday, 12:00 the latest (all extra days must be confirmed by F+U).


Accommodation – General Information

Rental extension, moving house, cancellation (residence, apartments, host families)

Applications for a rental extension must be submitted four weeks before the contract expires. We charge the following processing fees for short-term renewal requests:

  • for less than one week at the end of the contract: € 50

The rental extension cannot be guaranteed. In case all rooms of the previously booked residence have been rented out, we will try to provide a room in a different category. In this case, no relocation fees will be charged.
Relocation: (at your own request): € 60
Termination of the rental agreement: If a rental agreement is limited in time by the contracting parties at the time of conclusion of the contract, i. e. only for a certain period of time, premature ordinary termination of the rental agreement is generally excluded (§ 542 II BGB). For the sake of good will, we make it possible for you to terminate the rental agreement with a cancellation period of four full weeks (Sunday to Saturday). In the event of cancellation, a cancellation fee of € 75 will be charged and advance payments will be refunded. Cancellation must be made in writing during office hours in the accommodation department (Room 10;12:15-15:30). The rental contract concluded for 25 weeks cannot be terminated and can only be terminated in exceptional cases.

Arrival and Departure

You can find a list of accommodation (updated daily) here.

Move in: Sundays, 10:00-23:00 (host families) or 24:00 (halls of residence), supplement of € 50 for moving in after 22:00.

Move out: Saturdays (by 12:00; if moving out on Sunday (by 10:00) an extra day will be invoiced.

Handover of keys / Arrival time:

  • Please inform us no later than Friday (14:00) before moving in of the exact time of your arrival. If you inform us any later, we will not be able to guarantee the handover of the key at your preferred time.
  • If you would like to move in on Saturday (from 13:00 to 18:00) or leave on Sunday, extra days will be invoiced accordingly.
  • The keys can only be handed over between 10:00 and 23:00 o' clock and for a surcharge of €50 between 23:00 and 24:00 o' clock. Please inform us in advance if you are unable to arrive within this period of time. If you arrive after 24:00 o' clock, we recommend booking a hotel room. In this case, the F+U Hotel "Bayrischer Hof", Rohrbacher Straße 2 - 69117 Heidelberg is the ideal choice. (Tel: +496221/872880, http://www.bayrischer-hof-heidelberg.com).
  • In order to offer our customers a high degree of booking flexibility and variety, we usually confirm the specific accommodation you will be staying in via e-mail 1-2 weeks prior to arrival (accommodation information with check-in instructions).
  • Please refer to the separately sent email for contact details.
  • In case of a delay, please call the named contact person for the key handover or your host family.
  • Accommodation rates for halls of residence and apartments are calculated to take into account both location (distance to school, attractiveness of the district) and the furnishings/facilities of the accommodation. However, pleaser bear in mind that all our halls of residents and apartments have a "student" character, including those in higher categories.

Information about the transfer can be found here


Parking is available in the Concordia hall of residence's unsupervised car park for €25 per week. There is public, paid parking available in the school building (approx. € 125 per month).



All halls of residence and apartments are equipped with a kitchen. Please note that our kitchens are not equipped with cooking utensils. Cooking utensils can be rented according to availability and for a fee of 25€ and a deposit of 40€ (refundable).
Host families provide meals as specified in the booking.
Meals in partner restaurants (Sun-Sat): Breakfast: € 60/week.; Lunch*: € 110/week.; evening meal*: € 110/week (*incl. 1 soft drink)
Lunch in our school canteen (July and August only): € 90/week. (Mon-Fri)
You can also have a meal for about €6 in the University of Heidelberg refectory, just ten-minutes' walk from the school.

Internet, PC use, fitness room,

  • Most halls of residence and the apartments are equipped with Internet access. We provide Internet access free of charge. During the summer we rent out additional rooms and apartments; information on their Internet facilities is available on request. Compliance with German Internet law is required. There may be temporary disruption to internet provision.
  • Some families allow the use of their computer for an additional charge. Detailed information is available on request.
  • You can also use the computers in our school, with free Internet access (50 PCs in three IT rooms); Wi-Fi is also available from 07:30 to 20:00 hours Mondays to Fridays and on Saturdays from 10:00-16:00 hours.
  • If you lock yourself out of your room we can provide a spare key for a service fee of €20. Please note that this service is only available during the following office hours: Monday to Friday: 08:30 to 19:00; Saturday: 10:30 to 15:30. Outside these times you will need to call a professional locksmith; fees up to €100.
  • A laundry, a lounge and a fitness room are available for residents of the F+U Campus halls of residence.
  • A Steinway piano is available for piano lovers at school: € 8 / 60 minutes.

Cleaning of rooms and communal areas

Please note that for the entire duration of your stay you are responsible for cleaning your room. On vacating the room, the accommodation must be clean and tidy. Kitchens and bathrooms are to be kept clean. Communal areas are cleaned at least once a week by F+U.

Please note that you are responsible for cleaning your room for the entire duration of your stay. The rooms are to be handed over cleaned and tidy upon moving out. The kitchens and bathrooms must be kept clean. F+U only pays for the cleaning of the common rooms (once or twice a week).


  • Host family accommodation: Use of the washing machine once or twice a week.
  • Halls of residence / apartments: Washing machines and tumble dryers are provided.
  • Bed linen and towels: Bed linen is provided on arrival; please bring your own towels.

Cooking utensils

Cooking utensils, cutlery and crockery can be hired for a fee of €40 plus a service charge of € 25. (The fee is refunded upon the return of complete, clean sets.)


Childminder parallel to intensive course for parent(s):

€20 per 45 minutes (2 children: € 15; 3 children: € 13).

House rules for accommodation (extract)

  • Smoking is prohibited in the halls of residence and in apartments, as well as on balconies and terraces.
  • Kitchens and bathrooms must be left clean after use.
  • The night-time quiet period from 10 p.m. to 6 a.m. is legally protected (federal state regulations). During this time, all residents must keep any noise to room level only.
  • Guests are permitted in halls of residence and in apartments only until 22.00.
  • If you would like to invite a friend to stay overnight, permission must be obtained in advance from the residence administration. Overnight stays cost €10 per person. Guests who stay without prior permission will be fined the equivalent of at least one week’s rent.
  • Violation of house rules may incur a fine; for repeated violations we reserve the right to terminate the rental agreement without notice.
  • Further information is set out in the house rules and fee regulations provided on arrival.
  • Residents in the halls of residence are liable for their guests.
  • In host family accommodation, the host’s rules apply.


Rental Contract Extension, Change of Accommodation, Cancellation (Halls of Residence, Apartments, Host families)

Applications to extend the rental period must be made four weeks in advance of the contract's expiry.

An extension of the rental contract cannot be guaranteed. If, despite compliance with the four-week notice period, the current room has already been reallocated, we guarantee the availability of a room in an alternative hall of residence. In this instance, the fee for changing accommodation will be waived. Contract extension applications received less than a week before contract expiry are subject to a processing fee of € 50.

Change of accommodation (at own request): €60

Cancellation of the rental contract: If the contract parties conclude a rental contract for a fixed term, the earlier ordinary cancellation of the rental contract is generally excluded (§ 542 II BGB - German Civil Code). However, as a gesture of goodwill we permit the cancellation of the rental contract on condition of four full rental weeks' notice (Sunday to Saturday). In case of cancellation we charge a cancellation fee of € 75, and refund rent paid in advance. Notice of the cancellation must be submitted in writing to the Accomodation department during office opening hours.

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