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Grants through BaföG or educational loans

Grants through “ BaföG“

All vocational training courses at the F+U Rhine-Neckar language school are eligible for federal financial aid. (BaföG Our participants are eligible to apply for grants, providing they are not over 30 years of age. Financial aid is also available to international participants. We will gladly inform you.

• Your advantage
Federal financial aid for students is usually in the form of a grant. Which means: the grants do not have to be repaid (neither by the parents nor by you). Financial aid will be granted for the entire duration of the course.
However, you must always declare your parents' income (and of course your own earnings and assets). Only in rare individual cases will the financial aid be granted independent of parental income.
• How much is the financial aid?
The law estimates financial requirements of a student attending a 1 or 1.5 year foreign language correspondence clerk course to amount to 348 euros per month (if living away from the parental home). There is an additional allowance of 64 euros for rent plus a fee of 55 euros for health insurance.
European secretary students attending a 2-year course are assessed as requiring 348 euros (plus 64 euros rent allowance and 55 euros insurance fees), if they live independently, and 192 euros if living in the parental home.
The maximum amount granted is 467 euros per month (if the student does not live in the parental home). The grants are NON-REPAYABLE. Please note that the grants may be supplemented with an education loan of up to 300 euros
Should parental income exceed a certain limit, the amount will be reduced accordingly. Due to the calculation method, only individual financial aid statements are possible. To obtain a financial aid assessment, please refer to the appropriate BaföG office.
• Can I earn money without jeopardising my claim for financial aid?
Yes, but only to a certain limit. Our apprentices (foreign language professions may earn approx. 219 euros per month without affecting the federal financial aid.
Note: 219 euros (2,628 euros annual income) is an average amount. You may earn more in one month if you do not work another month (e.g. holiday work).
• Where do I apply for BaföG grants and receive further information?
Applications and information inquiries should be sent to:
Bureau for educational loans www.bafoeg.bmbf.de
The county or city council of the parental domicile.


Ausbildungsförderung über den Bildungskredit (educational advancement through educational loans)

• What's the meaning of "educational loan"?
The educational loan is a federal assistance programme for students and can be obtained in addition to the BAföG grants. This means that students in our vocational training courses at the F+U foreign language school may take advantage of the educational loan, regardless of whether they already receive BaföG. Those who are not eligible for Bafög grants (e.g. because parental income exceeds the limit) may still apply for the educational loan. Neither parental income nor assists are taken into consideration.
However, as this is a loan, it does have to be paid back, although at a very low rate of interest. Furthermore, funding for educational loans is limited. Therefore, there is no legal right to these loans.
• Who is eligible for the educational loan?
Every student in the vocational training courses at the foreign language school may claim the educational loan, as long as they are of full age but not older than 36 years. Loans are also available to international (i.e. non-German) students.
How high are the loans and how long are they granted?
An educational loan of 300 euros per month will be awarded over a maximum of 24 months. You can therefore obtain the educational loan for the entire duration of the course through us.
A maximum of 862 euros may be granted if BAföG and educational loans are combined.
• When do I have to repay the educational loans?
Repayment begins four years after the first monthly payment. If you have taken your first educational loan in September 2005, the repayment will start in October 2009. The loans are to be paid back in monthly instalments of 120 euros.
• Where can I apply for educational loans?
Applications should be sent to:
50728 Köln
Further information online at: www.bildungskredit.de
• Taxable financial assistence
While attending a private school, many of the costs can be considered in your tax return; depending on the situation, this may apply to parents or students. This allowance could be granted in the form of income-related expenses or special costs. Since any clear assertion can only be made based on individual cases, we will gladly further advise you (or your parents) in a free counselling interview.

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