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Why learn German in Germany? Why learn German in Heidelberg?

Why learn German in Germany?

1. German is the most widely spoken language in Europe.
Germany has 83 million inhabitants and is the most populous nation in Europe. German is not only spoken in Germany; it is also the official language of Austria, Switzerland, and Liechtenstein. Also, it is spoken in some parts of northern Italy, Luxembourg, eastern Belgium, the Netherlands, Denmark, eastern France, parts of Poland, the Czech Republic, Russia, and Romania, as well as in other parts of Europe. This makes a total of 120 million native speakers around the world, not to mention all the people who learn German as a second language. German is the 3rd most popular foreign language taught worldwide and the second most popular in Europe and Japan, after English.

2. Germany has the 3rd strongest economy in the world and is the No. 1 export nation.
Export accounts for 1 in 3 Euros earned by German businesses and for 1 in 4 jobs, from cars to machinery and industrial equipment, from pharmaceuticals to household goods.

3. Knowing German creates business opportunities.
Companies like BMW, Daimler, Siemens, Lufthansa, SAP, Bosch, Infineon, BASF, and many others need international partners. The Japanese economy is the 2nd most powerful in the world and it's no coincidence that 68% of Japanese students study German!

4. German-speaking countries have a rich cultural heritage.
A knowledge of German opens the doors to the birthplace of one of the greatest cultures in Europe, for German is the language of Goethe, Nietzsche and Kafka, Mozart, Bach and Beethoven, Freud and Einstein. Ten Nobel prizes for literature have been awarded to German, Austrian, and Swiss German authors. Knowing German allows you to access the works of these people in their original language and to fully understand the culture whence they derived. Anyone interested in these fields automatically expands their knowledge and skills by knowing German.

5. Germans are innovators.
Just think about the well-known Gutenberg's printing press, Hertz' discovery of electromagnetic waves, Ehrlich's development of chemotherapy, Einstein's theory of relativity, Brandenburg's creation of the MP3 digital music format, to name but a few. Germans are great innovators and commited to research and development in new technologies.

6. The German presence on the Internet is dominant.
With 8 million Internet domains, Germany's top-level country domain .de is second only to the extension .com.

7. Every tenth book in the world is published in German.
In Germany nearly 80,000 new book titles are produced each year. Since only a small percentage of German books are translated into other languages, only a knowledge of German will give you access to the vast majority of these titles.

8. German is required or recommended by many undergraduate and graduate programmes.


Some basic (but useful!) information about Germany
Germany lies in central Europe. At its borders you can find the North Sea to the north, Denmark, and the Baltic Sea; Poland and the Czech Republic to the east; Austria and Switzerland to the south; and France, Luxembourg, Belgium, and the Netherlands to the west.

  • Territory of Germany: 357,021 square kilometers
  • Climate: Temperate seasonal climate in which humid westerly winds predominate. The Rhine-Neckar region, where Heidelberg lies, has a very mild climate.
  • Inhabitants of Germany: 82 million inhabitants (home to the third-largest number of internati-onal migrants worldwide)
  • Germany is a federal parliamentary republic of sixteen Federal states (Bundesländer).
  • Capital: Berlin
  • Standard of living: High with a comprehensive system of social security.

Why learn German in Heidelberg?

1. Heidelberg is beautiful
2. Heidelberg is clean
3. Heidelberg is safe
4. Heidelberg is one of the most written about cities in Germany
5. Heidelberg is symbol of the “good old Germany“
6. Heidelberg has a long important history
7. Heidelberg fascinates with its beauty: The castle, the Old Bridge, the Neckar river, the Philosophers’ Walk, the entire Old Town, the churches, the palaces.
8. Heidelberg is also a modern and internationally renowned location for science and business
9. Heidelberg is home to the oldest university in Germany
10. Heidelberg university is an elite university
11. Heidelberg is one of Germany’s major cultural centres and has a variety of museums and theatres.

Have a look at some nice pictures of Heidelberg.

F+U language school is the right place for you in order to learn German, in Heidelberg and in Germany! Please see all our German courses in Heidelberg.

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