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Foreign Language Correspondence Clerk in Japanese - An Attractive Alternative to University

  • 2019 programme start: 09.09.2019
  • 2020 programme start: 07.09.2020


‘Foreign Language Correspondence Clerk in Japanese’ - state-recognized vocational training programme at F+U Academy of Languages Heidelberg

The Foreign Language Correspondence Clerk in Japanese (two or three languages) training course at F+U Academy of Languages Heidelberg has been state recognised since August 6, 2010, making us the first school in Germany to offer a training programme specializing in Japanese and leading to a state-recognized qualification.


Course content

During their two-year course, students have the opportunity to learn Japanese from the very beginning. The course is aimed at learners seeking fast and intensive language acquisition. Lessons initially focus on training the four skills – reading and writing the complex Japanese script, consisting of Kanji (Chinese characters) and the Hiragana and Katakana syllabaries, as well as listening comprehension and students’ own spoken fluency. As the course progresses, emphasis is placed on refining articulation, comprehensive studies of the country and its economy, competence in fast and accurate translation, acquisition of typical conversation and negotiation techniques, as well as the composition of and response to commercial correspondence. Lessons are taught by a native speaker tutor.

Other specialisations

In addition to Japanese, our students learn at least one other language - either English (two-language course) or English with French or Spanish (three-language course). Furthermore, students receive essential commercial training and learn comprehensive IT skills. The final examination can be taken in front of a board of state examiners at our school.

Career prospects

Japanese is spoken by approximately 127 million people worldwide and is currently ranked 9th in the world’s most commonly spoken languages. A state recognised qualification in Japanese opens up a wide array of career opportunities for our graduates, from employment in state institutions to work in domestic and international businesses.

Fields of activity

Foreign language correspondence clerks are predominantly employed in industrial, commercial and service companies and specialise in dealing with foreign language correspondence, the planning, implementation and control of the company’s foreign trade (import and export) or in translation. General secretarial duties are also included in their range of tasks. Furthermore, they can focus on employment within the fields of finance and accounting. Reflecting their training, the key competence is foreign languages, the mastery of which is increasingly important in today’s globalised world. Foreign language correspondence clerks work primarily in an office environment but also travel frequently in order to take part in negotiations and maintain contact with business partners abroad. For this reason, their knowledge of typical habits and customs proves to be a great advantage.


Our experience shows that graduates of our training programme, which combines intensive language acquisition, commercial and IT training as well as regional studies, are highly sought after by commercial companies.

Further information

You can find detailed information on the foreign language correspondence clerk programme as well as other F+U training courses here.

Furthermore, F+U Academy of Languages frequently offers Japan Seminars. You can find further information here.

Try one of our open days!

You are welcome to experience for yourself a typical day’s study for our trainee Japanese foreign language correspondence clerks – and how your own typical day’s study could look – by coming along to an open day. Just send an email indicating your preferred language combination to languages@fuu.de and arrange an appointment! We look to welcoming you soon!

Next programme starting dates: 12.09.2016; 06.03.2017

Foreign language correspondence clerks autonomously deal with domestic and international correspondence, carry out short translations, prepare all the necessary documents for international trade, participate in international trade fairs and exhibitions and maintain contact with suppliers at home and abroad.
You can download our brochure "Professional Foreign Languages" here.


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