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F+U Boarding School

Boarding School for Minor Students in Heidelberg

F+U Academy of Languages Heidelberg offers a Boarding School to accommodate minor students, thus giving students aged 16 to 18 the opportunity to attend a language course without being accompanied by their parents.

F+U Boarding School provides its residents with

  • intensive supervision and support by pedagogically trained staff geared towards the particular needs of minor students
  • full board
  • 24-hour emergency call
  • orientation for new students
  • psychological support
  • accompaniment to appointments with authorities
  • placement in sports clubs and music schools
  • leisure activities

Supervisors also help residents organize their daily schedules, e.g. joint preparation of meals and homework and are always on hand as a contact person on-site.

Furnishings and Facilities:

F+U Boarding School residents are accommodated in spacious, modern twin rooms equipped with internet access and en-suite shower and toilet. Bed linen is provided by the Boarding School.
The F+U Educational Campus offers a refectory, kiosk, lounge, study and community rooms, a library, gyms and laundry – all of which can be used by boarding school residents.

Additional Facilities On-Campus:

Refectory, kiosk, lounge, study and community rooms, kitchen, laundry, library, gyms, computer labs


F+U Boarding School is located on the newly-built F+U Educational Campus in the vicinity of Heidelberg Main Station with excellent access to public transport. F+U Academy of Languages, which is situated in the city centre, can be reached in a matter of 10 minuntes by bus or train.

As a non-profit education provider, F+U group of companies offers boarding school residents numerous opportunities of continuing their education beyong their language course. Depending on age and qualification, learners can attend general-education secondary schools, vocational schools, the International University of Cooperative Education (iba) and the University of Applied Sciences for Business, Technology and Culture (HWTK).


Twin room (incl. all services mentioned above): € 2,400 / 4 weeks

Single room supplement: 30%

Language course: € 580 / 4 weeks (120 teaching units)

Administrative fee: € 250 (inkl. aller Nebenkosten)

Deposit: € 500


Learn more about F+U Boarding School in our 2018 brochure. For further enquiry, contact internat.hd@fuu.de.


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