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All dates for language exams at F+U Academy of Languages Heidelberg

German exams


F+U Academy of Languages is a recognised test centre for the most important language exams worlwide:

1) Status September 2019

F+U course / exam planner and events calendar

TestDaF (Test Deutsch als Fremdsprache)

Required for enrolment at German universities (equivalent to DSH)

2019 Dates:

05.11.19 (Registration: 10.09.2019 - 08.10.2019)

2020 Dates:

13.02. (Registration: 21.11.19 - 16.01.20)
22.04 (Registration: 26.02.20 - 27.03.20)
03.06 (Registration: 08.04.20 - 06.05.20)
22.07 (Registration: 27.05.20 - 24.06.20)
10.09. (Registration: 16.07.20 - 13.08.20)
10.11. (Registration: 15.09.20 - 13.10.20)

F+U Academy of Languages Heidelberg: Europe's largest test centre for TestDaF!

TestAS (Test for Academic studies)

Test for international students to demonstrate suitability for study.

2019 Dates:

26.10.2019 (Registration: 03.06.2019 - 09.09.2019)

2020 Dates:

03.03. (Registration: 11.11.19 – 20.01.20)
25.04. (Registration: 21.01.20 – 10.03.20)
06.06. (Registration: 16.03.20 – 04.05.20)
24.10. (Registration: 02.06.20 – 08.09.20)

TestAS for Refugees:

Further dates to be announced.

onSET (formerly onDAF, Online Test Deutsch)

Internet test (A1-C1), result available worldwide on demand.
Various sessions every month; in July and August every Tuesday and Thursday at 4.30 pm, applications on www.onset.de no later than 3 days prior to the exam date.

2019 Dates: 09.11., 14.12.

2020 Dates: 18.01., 15.02., 14.03., 25.04.. 16.05., 20.06., 18.07., 15.08., 19.09., 17.10., 14.11., 12.12.

TELC (The European Language Certificates)

Evidence of foreign language skills (A1-C1).

2019 Dates:

09.11. (Registration bis 07.10.2019)

14.12. (Registration bis 11.11.2019)

2020 Dates:

Detailed information about all our language examinations here.

English exams

TOEFLibt® (The European Language Certificates)

Evidence for admission to higher education, especially BA, MA, BSc, BEng, MSc, MBA programmes.

2019 Dates:

October: 19.10.; 26.10.
November: 02.11.; 09.11.; 23.11.
December: 07.12.; 14.12.

2020 Dates:

Please note that these test dates might be already booked out. Once you enrol on www.ets.org/toefl , you will only see the available dates.

TOEFL® Junior™ (Test of English as a Foreign Language for young students)

2019 Dates: 09.11., 14.12.

2020 Dates on request.

TOEIC® (Test of English for International Communication)

Most frequently taken test of English for Business purposes worldwide!

2019 Dates - Listening and Reading Test: 09.11., 14.12.

2019 Dates - Speaking and Writing Test: 13.11., 11.12.

Note: the TELC "Certificate in English", TELC "Certificate in English for Business Purposes", TOEIC, and LCCI exams may be taken by at individual dates at any time.

LCCI (London Chamber of Commerce and Industry)

2019 Dates:


Examination dates (application deadline)


Examination dates (application deadline)

Preliminary Level (A1/A2); Level 1 (A2/B1)

11.11. (01.10.)

Level 2 (B1/B2); Level 3 (B2/C1); Level 4 (C1/C2)

12.11. (01.10.)


2020 Dates on request.

Please see detailed information about our language exams.

Spanish, Italian, French, and Russian exams


The TELC exams "Certificado de Español", "Certificato di Italiano" and "Certificat de Français" may be taken any time at individual dates.

Please see detailed information about language exams.


Course dates - language courses in Heidelberg

Intensive courses, evening courses, TestDaF, DSH and TOEFL® preparation, mini group, afternoon courses, conversation, Business language.

Course dates - Vocational training in Heidelberg

  • Dates to be announced

Exam dates for vocational training

State Exams (at F+U Academy of Languages Heidelberg)

Summer Term 2020 to be announced.

IHK Exams (in Karlsruhe)

  • English:
    Foreign Language Correspondence Clerk, Translator: to be announced. (oral exam: to be announced) Application deadline: to be announced.
  • Spanish:
    Foreign Language Correspondence Clerk: to be announced. (oral exam: to be announced)
    Application deadline: to be announced.
  • French
    Foreign Language Correspondence Clerk: to be announced. (oral exam: to be announced)
    Application deadline: to be announced.

Subject to change.

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