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F+U Academy of Languages’ Corporate Language Training offers bespoke language training for companies and organisations in over 20 languages, for example English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Chinese and Russian. Thanks to their modular structure the training courses can be tailored to meet the individual needs of a sector or company department. The training courses can be held in the form of group courses, individual lessons, day seminars or weekend workshops, either in-house or at our school.

Perfect opportunity to:

  • Boost in-house communication, competency and productivity.
  • Increase effective participation during meetings and conferencing.
  • Present facts and figures with clarity and confidence.
  • Gain a competitive advantage during negotiations.
  • Improve networking and small talk skills.
  • Realize your potential at trade fairs and events.
  • Avoid confusion and misunderstanding with emails and telephoning.
  • Master the art of diplomacy and intercultural communication.

Modern professionals need language training that offers practical help and solutions while quickly improving performance and communication. That’s why our flexible courses are designed to engage participants with relevant material and activate work-related skills in a stimulating, interactive environment. This could involve focusing on industry-specific language, practicing advanced business skills through role-playing activities, or simply getting to grips with essential everyday commercial correspondence. Any combination of the following modules is available:

Sector-specific terminology - (more information will be added soon)

Commercial correspondence, emails and reports - With more and more business handled online these days, mastering the art of written communication is an essential skill that saves time, avoids misunderstanding and generates business. Say goodbye to time spent scrutinizing your in box and procrastinating over each reply. (more)

Telephone communication - Speaking on the phone is one of the most common types of communication but it’s difficult to do well because we can’t see the speaker. Even experienced non-native speakers often require extra help with the specific language of telephone English and with building confidence on the phone. (more)

Presentations - In today's business world, the ability to hold effective and persuasive presentations in English is becoming increasingly important. This course trains the necessary skills and supports learners at an Intermediate to Upper Intermediate level to develop their own individual presentation style. (more)

Meetings and negotiations - Organising and participating in meetings and negotiations requires a wide range of communication skills. This module will help you to improve your performance and meet your objectives by providing the essential vocabulary and communication techniques needed, whether meeting face-to-face or as part of a video conference. (more)

Intercultural awareness and communication - Modern technology has opened up the world around us so that communicating with someone on the other side of the world is as easy as with someone in the next town. As a result, understanding how people from different cultures speak, communicate and perceive the world around them is essential to getting the job done. (more)

Grammar and Vocabulary - It goes without saying that all of the areas above rely on a solid foundation of grammar and vocabulary. Feeling confident using tenses, ‘if’ sentences, passives and prepositions or having the correct terminology at hand reduces indecision and allows you to focus on the issues. (more)


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