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    China Centre at F+U Academy of Languages

    F+U Academy of Languages' China Centre was established to facilitate intercultural exchange and provide services to Chinese students. Learn more about the China Centre's activities on these pages.


    Impressions of the China Centre

    China - to us an unfamiliar, yet fascinating country. This is why it’s even more exciting that we now have a China Centre at the F+U Academy of Languages, bringing not only students but all those who are interested closer to Chinese language and culture. The opening celebration on 8th February, 2013 (in time for the Chinese New Year) offered a lively and colourful programme. On entering the school we were greeted with a delicious aroma of Chinese delicacies which our stomachs weren’t to miss out on later!
    To begin with there was an introductory Chinese course. Mrs Lin delivered an engaging overview of the history and structure of the language. For example, in the Chinese language, the stress on each syllable is important, as this determines the meaning of the word. Therefore, a little word such as “ma” can mean mother, hemp, horse or scold depending on the intonation. It was also interesting to learn that Chinese symbols are based on pictograms and these are also used to some extent in Japanese.
    Although it was far from easy, having a go at the Chinese pronunciation for the first time was a lot of fun. We’re looking forward to many more cultural events to come in the China Centre.

    Anastasia Guditschenko & Melissa Mussler, FSK 17
    March 1, 2013

    Inauguration of the China Centre

    On Friday, February 8th, F+U Academy of Languages Heidelberg celebrated the inauguration of the China Centre. Following the tremendous success of the F+U Japan Center, founded in August 2011, the China Center also aims to support F+U Academy of Languages’s mission to promote cultural exchange by hosting events to further interest in and understanding between different cultures.
    Just in time for the Chinese New Year, which was celebrated on the same weekend, many China enthusiasts from near and far gathered at the F+U Academy of Languages to celebrate the special opening night together. In her introductory speech, sinologist and assistant director Eva Krumbiegel pointed out the high value our school places on the cultural exchange between Germany and China.
    Just last year, the Commercial College for Foreign-Language Professions at F+U Academy of Languages received state recognition for its training programme for foreign language correspondence clerks for Chinese. At the same time, the number of Chinese students who come to our school to learn German is steadily increasing every year. Both groups - German trainees as well as German language students from China - will profit from the China Centre. It will provide a meeting place to discuss Chinese culture, economics, and general way of life - in German as well as in Chinese, since it will also make finding a tandem partner for these languages much easier.
    Following the opening speech, the guests were able to participate in a diverse programme. Almost as if being on a round trip through the country, the guests were introduced to some of the many facets that make up the richness of the Chinese culture. To this aim, various events offered a small peek into what the guests might expect if they decided to 'prolong their trip' and to further immerse themselves into the culture with the help of our China Centre.
    To start with, the guests had the chance to attend a Chinese course for beginners, and were able to investigate first-hand whether the Chinese language is living up to its reputation of being notoriously hard to learn. Next, Dr. Martin Gieselmann, director of the Institute for South East Asian Studies in Heidelberg, explained the history and significance of the Chinese Spring Festival in an informative and interesting presentation. Finally, the night concluded with a "Chinese Evening" where the guests were invited to experience traditional music, games and foods.
    We hope we were able to interest many guests in this fascinating country and the objectives the F+U Academy of Languages pursues with its China Centre. If you did 'catch the bug' and can't wait to learn more about China, or if you are generally interested in the topic, you can visit the China Center's Facebook page for information on upcoming events. The photographer Ralf Oldenburg’s exhibition on China, which was widely admired by our guests, will be open until March 29th.

    March 21, 2013

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