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Additional Offers

DHL Express fee (for documents): € 90

University Application Counselling: € 250
Includes: general introduction to resources about universities and programs.
Help with online application for up to 4 universities/Studienkollegs. Communication with universities/Studienkollegs in case problems occur. Correction of CV and letter of intent.

Visit to Authorities: € 60 per visit
For example: accompaniment to registration office, help with opening a bank account, help with applying for health insurance, accompaniment to foreigners’ registration office for visa extension.
Includes: Preparation (help compiling the necessary documents) and visit to the authority.

Conditional Admission to German Universities: € 350
Includes: application to 4 universities. Each additional application is € 50.

Change of School Location
If booked when enrolling: free of charge!
If booked after course start: € 100

Cancellation fees (Course cancellations)

  • until 2 weeks prior to course start: free of charge!
  • until 1 week prior to course start: € 25
  • until Friday, 12:00pm, prior to course start: € 50
  • later, but still prior to course start: enrollment fee + 1 week’s course fee
  • cancellation due to visa refusal: € 125 administration fee + all costs incurred

Special Fees – Residences
1. Room cancellations

  • until 2 weeks prior to scheduled move-in: free of charge!
  • until 1 week prior to scheduled move-in: € 50
  • until Tuesday, 18:00pm, prior to scheduled move-in: € 100
  • later, but still prior to scheduled move-in: administration fee + 1 week’s rent
  • after scheduled move-in: administration fee + 2 weeks’ rent

2. Surcharge for late lease extensions

  • until 4 weeks before end of old lease: no surcharge!
  • until 2 weeks before end of old lease: € 25
  • until 1 week before end of old lease: € 50
  • less than 1 week before end of old lease: € 75

3. Hosting guests: € 10 per guest per night
4. Renting kitchen utensils: € 45 deposit + € 5 renting fee
5. Penalty fees for violation of house rules: see house rules
6. Parking fee: € 25 per week per parking spot
7. Guarantee of a particular residence: € 200

Renting School Piano
1-10 practice hours: € 10 / 60 minutes (advance payment)
11-49 practice hours: € 7 / 60 minutes (advance payment)
From 50 practice hours: € 5 / 60 minutes (advance payment)

Japan Centre Assistant Program: € 125
Includes: participation in an evening course German or English, internship report card, support from Japan Centre

Different source languages and target languages are offered. Prices according to the translators’ offers.

Agency fee for internship placement: € 300

Issue and sending of documents after student has left (e.g. certificates): € 5

Sending Exam Certificates, e.g. TestDaF (by registered mail only)
Within Germany: € 3.60
Outside of Germany: € 5.60
Envelope: € 1.55

Leisure Activity Program
Free of charge to a large extent, for some activities we charge a small fee, which will be listed on the weekly program in school.

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