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1. Who is eligible for accommodation in an F+U hall of residence?

Only F+U Academy of Languages students who booked an intensive course of at least 20 teaching hours a week or learners studying at another F+U educational institution are eligible for accommodation, provided that places are available. Students enrolled in evening course and weekend courses are generally not eligible for accommodation, except when rooms are still available and would otherwise stay empty.


2. For how long can I – and should I – rent a room in an F+U hall of residence?

The room may only be rented for the duration of your F+U language or training course. Moving in before the start of the course or moving out after the end of the course is permitted only in very few exceptional circumstances, and provided that the room is available.

We strongly recommend our language students arriving from abroad to book accommodation from the very outset and for the entire duration of their language course. Extending the rental contract later on is possible at any time, but if another customer has already booked the room, as is often the case, this results in the inconvenience of moving to another hall of residence. At worst, if no rooms are available, the customer is forced to find private accommodation for the remaining duration of the course.

If you are renting the room on a long-term basis, you are welcome to arrange instalment payments with our school. If, during your stay, you wish to cancel your tenancy, this can be easily arranged with a notice period of four full weeks. Simply go to the Academy’s accommodation department in room 7, where we will be happy to advise you.

You can extend your rental agreement, with no additional administration fee, up to four weeks before expiry of the existing contract. After this time, you will incur a late booking surcharge. F+U Academy of Languages does not guarantee that rooms are always available; the availability of rooms depends on our bookings. We do not reserve rooms without a valid booking.


3. How do the residence categories differ?

There are no rigid criteria that determine whether an accommodation belongs to one category or another. Each of our halls of residence is individually evaluated on the basis of various factors, such as:

  • Rental price/standard of surrounding residential area
  • Furnishing of communal areas (kitchen, dining area, living room, etc.)
  • Year of construction or most recent renovation
  • Number of people sharing the kitchen and/or bathroom
  • Proximity to the school

It is not always possible to weigh each factor equally in all cases. A list of our available rooms by category is posted on the following webpage: http://www.fuu-heidelberg-languages.eu/accommodation_in_heidelberg/


4. Am I able to book a specific hall of residence?

No. If you choose to book accommodation at the Academy of Languages, only the category of the residence can be specified at the time of booking. As a rule, to guarantee the maximum booking flexibility for our customers and the largest possible variety of rooms, we do not send e-mail confirmation of your exact accommodation (details of accommodation plus check-in information) until the Monday before your arrival. At the earliest, and only in exceptional cases, confirmation is sent two weeks before arrival.

Guaranteeing a specific hall of residence: For a single supplement of € 200 we guarantee - subject to room availability at the time of booking – allocation in your preferred hall of residence. If the start of your course is postponed, e.g. due to a delay in issuing a visa, we reserve the right to allocate a room in a hall of residence in the same category. In this case the guarantee supplement of € 200 is refunded.


5. When can I move in, and when do I move out?

The regular check-in takes place on Sunday only (between 10:00 and 24:00) and, in exceptional cases, with prior agreement and with payment of an extra day’s rent, on Saturday (between 13:00 and 18:00).

Our weekend team welcomes you at the meeting point, accompanies you to your hall of residence and assists you through the check-in procedure. Please refer to the accommodation information for details – this is usually sent to you 1-2 weeks prior to arrival.

Rooms are usually vacated on Saturday (by 12:00). Only in exceptional circumstances, with prior agreement and with payment of an extra day’s rent, the room can be vacated on Sunday (by 10:00).


6. Can I also move in during the week (Monday-Friday)?

No. In principle, customers move into accommodation at weekends only.

In exceptional cases, if the booked room happens to be free during the week before arrival or if we can offer a comparable room, it may be possible to move in early – with payment of a full week’s rent. To find out about availability, you should enquire through our accommodation department at the language school well ahead of the organisation of your arrival.

Our team provides service at weekends only; therefore, we regret we are unable to guarantee assistance with moving in on weekdays. In this case, the customer should collect the key from the language school (accommodation department, room 10, 12:00 – 18:00) and check-in the accommodation himself/herself. Naturally, we will be happy to answer any questions; directions to each hall of residence are also readily available.

If no room is available before the weekend, or if arrival occurs outside our service hours (for example due to delay), the customer will need to arrange accommodation in a hostel or hotel (e.g. the F+U hotel Bayrischer Hof) until the room becomes available. We will be happy to provide a list of suitable addresses.


7. Which transfer services does F+U Academy of Languages offer?

Through our partner companies we organise transfers from all surrounding airports directly to the meeting point for the accommodation key handover, or to any other specified address in Heidelberg. We provide our own transfers within the city, such as from Heidelberg main railway station to the hall of residence. Transfer rates can be found on our pricelist: www.fuu-heidelberg-languages.eu/transfer/

At weekends, transfers from the weekend meeting point to the residence are free of charge and are organised by our weekend team.


8. I’m arriving in my own car – where can I park?

Some of our halls of residence offer chargeable but unsupervised parking at weekly rates. Prices and addresses are available on request.

F+U halls of residence, particularly those outside the city centre, often have on-street parking available, free of charge at certain times. Please heed the traffic and parking signs at the specific location in order to avoid penalty fines. The school does not assume liability.


9. Are WLAN and washing machines available in all halls of residence?

All our halls of residence offer free internet access. A small number of halls of residence have no washing machine, due to either technical restrictions or tenancy laws. There is a launderette within walking distance of the school where you can wash your laundry conveniently and at a reasonable price.

If you have further questions about our halls of residence please contact us at languages@fuu.de. We will be happy to answer or refer your query to the responsible member of the team.


10. How can I pay?

Please refer to our terms and conditions (can be found here: http://www.fuu-heidelberg-languages.eu/conditions/) for questions regarding the payment, as well as to your invoice where all payment dates have been noted. Please contact us in questions regarding the payment and if you want to pay in installments.


If you have further questions about our halls of residence, or if you would like information about our attractive range of host family (home stay) accommodation (not detailed here), please contact us at rooms.hd@fuu.de

We will be happy to answer or refer your query to the responsible member of the team.

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